Best UK Dash Cams: Top 5 Based on Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Looking for the best dash cams in the UK? Then check out the top 5 sellers based on customer reviews and satisfaction. Hey, the way people are driving on the road these days, dash cams are becoming an essential car accessory. People drive drunk, they drive the wrong way and worse yet, they text and drive. So it makes sense to protect yourself form that sort of craziness on the road.

Having a dash cam in your vehicle is a small price to pay to protect yourself, as well as prevent an increase in your car insurance premiums. The added bonus of a dash cam is that it actually influences you to exercise better driving skills on the road.

Let’s face it, if you know you have a witness witness in your vehicle, then you’ll make sure you drive appropriately on the road. So here are the top 5 best dash cams in the UK, according to customer reviews.

Best UK Dash Cams – Top 5

When it comes to the best UK dash cams, based on customer reviews and satisfaction, we thought hands down that Nextbase would have the number one spot in the top 5. But that’s not the case.

Seeing that Nextbase is European based, we thought that beyond a shadow of a doubt, it would be more highly ranked. However, that was not the case. While there was a Nextbase dash cam on the list, it came in as number 5 out of the top 5 UK dash cams. Even so, being in the top 5 is nothing to sneeze at.

Now, budget could be a key factor that might be influencing this particular situation. Hey, who knows. Maybe some people just want a dash cam with basic features. That’s totally understandable. That being said, the number one dash cam that is outperforming the Nextbase dash cam is the Ssontong dash cam. This dash cam is fairly inexpensive and comes with the basic features for any dash cam.

Okay, so when it came to the best dash cams in the UK, here are the top 5 based on Amazon customer reviews and satisfaction.

#5. Nextbase 522GW

Of all the Nextbase dash cams, the 522GW is the one that customers are gravitating too. This dashboard camera is a Full 1440p/30fps HD DVR Cam, with 140° Wide Viewing Angle, that comes with WiFi and Bluetooth. It also comes with Alexa Compatible GPS and Polarising Filter.

So this little cam packs a big punch. Now it’s understandable that some people might not need all of those cool features. But these features come in handy.

The 522GW dash cam is actually the world’s first Dash Cam with Bluetooth 4.2 and Quick-Link Wi-Fi. This allows you to automatically sync your dash cam files straight to your phone so that the footage can be supplied quickly to your insurer. You can also edit and share videos to others.

Features at a Glance:

  • 140° Wide Viewing Angle
  • Full 1440p/30fps HD DVR Cam
  • Bluetooth 4.2 and Quick-Link Wi-Fi
  • G-Sensor and SOS Emergency Response
  • Alexa Compatible GPS and Polarising Filter

With the GPS feature you can easily track where the accident occurred. Sometimes depending on the accident, your vehicle may end up elsewhere as opposed to where the initial impact occurred. So this feature allows you to safeguard your footage on impact. But not only that.

The GPS module works with the G-Sensor and SOS Emergency Response which triggers and automatically alerts emergency services of your location as well as for help, in the case of an accident. So this dash cam allows you to safeguard yourself in more ways than one.

It also comes with ALEXA built-in (the world’s first 1440p Dash Cam series with Alexa built-in). You can use Alexa to play music, place calls, listen to audio books, check the weather, news, control smart home devices, get directions, find parking and a host of other activities.

You can add additional cameras as well. If you want a rear view as well as a cabin view, it’s a simple add on process. Simply plug in the additional cameras to the ports on the 522GW. So this is really top of the line.

Admittedly, 140 degrees is not that much, but it’s a good enough view of what’s ahead of you. In any event, you can always get yourself a dual dash. Now in some cases, the mount presented an issue but this was not the case overall.

What customers love about the Nextbase 522GW. The suction power, picture and camera quality, touch screen, ease of installation and of course the night vision features. Overall, the Nextbase 522GW is highly recommended.

#4. APEMAN C420D 1080P Mini

Number 4 on the list of UK best sellers is the APEMAN C420D 1080P Dual Lens Mini dash cam. APEMAN Is another really good brand. Hey’ feel free to check out our full review of the APEMAN dash cams.

This mini dash cam has a 170° Wide Angle, and it comes with G-Sensor, Parking Monitor, Loop Recording, and WDR. The APEMAN C420D Mini is a dual dash cam so you get front and rear coverage of the road. If a rear collision happens, then you are covered.

Best UK dash cams - APEMAN C420D 1080P Mini

Features at a Glance:

  • Dual 170° ultra wide angle lenses
  • G-sensor
  • Loop Recording;
  • Motion Detection; Parking Monitoring;
  • Wide Dynamic Range and
  • F1.8 Large Aperture (Starvis sensor)
  • 32GB microSD card is offered for free 

The Starvis sensor provides intelligent night performance and automatically adjusts the video brightness in low light environments.

This mini dash cam has everything you expect of an ideal car camera. Added to that, it’s mini so if you want a dash cam that’s discrete, then this is a great option as well. The memory card is also included so that’s an added bonus.

#3. Claoner Dash Cam

The Claoner dash cam was also on the list of Best UK dash cams. It came in at third place. This is a front and rear 1080P Full HD dual dash cam. It comes with F1.8 Night Vision, 170°Wide Angle, 3 Inch IPS Screen, Loop Recording, G-sensor, and Parking Monitor.

Best UK dash cams include the Claoner dashboard camera

What Customers Love About It

  • Picture Quality
  • Easy to Install
  • Camera Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Night Vision

It’s another budget buy that won’t break your bank. Check out our full review more more details.

#2. ORSKEY Dash Cam

Based on customer reviews and satisfaction, the ORSKEY was also rated as one of the best UK dash cams as well. It cam in at second place but it has all the same features as the Claoner and it’s another budget buy as well.

Features include: 1080P Full HD, 170 Wide Angle WDR, 3.0″ LCD Display, Night Vision, Motion Detection and G-sensor.

Best UK dash cams - ORSKEY Dash Cam

What Customers Love About It

  • Easy to Install
  • Camera Quality
  • Picture Quality
  • Motion Detection
  • Durability
  • Night Vision

Check out out full review for more details or you can view it on Amazon.

#1. Ssontong Dash Cam

Based on Amazon customer reviews, the Ssontong dash cam came in at number one. Like the Nextbase, this is another dash cam that is dedicated for the UK market. It also comes with 10 important powerful functions and a few additional tools.

This dash cam records at a faster rate; at 60 fps video as opposed to 30. It also uses the Advanced Sony Sensor and comes with F1.8 wide aperture. The 3″ IPS Screen gives you a 170 degree angle of the road and the 6G Lens offers better light transmission which results in recording clear video.

It’s easy to understand why this dash cam is number one with UK Amazon customers. At Ssontong, the pursuit of quality and technology is important so their main objective is to provide you with a brilliant quality product that comes with excellent video and incredible value.

What Customers Love About It

  • Easy to Install
  • Suction Power
  • Picture Quality
  • Night Vision
  • Camera Quality

Check out out full review for more details and options or view it on Amazon.

Best UK Dash Cams – Wrap Up

Now if you want more than just the basic features, and don’t mind paying a bit extra, then Nextbase is definitely your choice. However, if your vehicle has all those extra functions and you just need a basic dash cam, then the budget buys on this list are great choices.

As stated, a dash cam is a great way to protect yourself while on the road. It’s worth having for yourself and is probably one of the best car accessory gifts as well.

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