Claoner Dash Cam Review: A Quality Camera That Won’t Break Your Bank

Hello and welcome to our Claoner dash cam review. Clearly you recognize the importance and benefits of having a dash cam in your vehicle. If you are thinking of getting a Claoner dash cam, then you are making a great choice. At Claoner their focus is on creating cutting-edge premium camera products for their customers at a reasonable cost.

As a well-established camera manufacturer their focus is also on developing advanced sensors technology. So if you are looking for a quality camera that provides all the functionality you need but won’t break your bank, then this dash cam fits that criteria.

Now as far as dash cam budget buys go, the ORSKEY Dash Cam is also worthy of consideration. However, the Claoner dash cam provides a better user experience and has a higher customer rating.

Claoner Dash Cam Review

This is a dual dash camera that is easy and straight forward to install. It has a Wide-angle front camera that gives you a 170° view and a rear camera that gives you a 130° view. That means you get a 300 degree view of the entire roadway. That’s pretty good and it’s a great way to eliminate blind spots while you are on the road.

The 3 inch screen makes viewing recorded events easy and it has all the necessary features and functions that any dash cam should have. The Claoner dual dash cam is highly rated for camera quality, picture quality, motion detection, night vision, suction power, as well as ease of installation.

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Features and Functions

Night Vision

This dash cam uses an F1.8 aperture so you are ensured of clarity of images day and night. The aperture combined with the camera’s WDR and HDR, work together to ensure you get sharp, color-accurate images. You also get real-time display on the screen and the interface and icons are simple and easy to understand.

Those qualities make this dash cam easy to operate. The added advantage is that you can find any recorded accidents or events quickly.

Claoner Dash Cam
Cloaner Dual Dash Cam

Loop Recording

Despite this being a budget dash cam, it also comes with seamless loop recording. That means you can be assured that new content will always be recorded, replacing old and unimportant footage. So you can be confident that recent and more important footage will always be on your Claoner dash cam.


Just as with other dash cams, the G-sensor will automatically lock important events or accident videos, so responsibility can easily be discovered.

1 x Front Dash Cam Required 32GB SD card not included
1 x Rear Dash Cam External Power supply: DC 12V~24V
Car Charger Operating Temperature: -15°C~60°C
Suction Cup Mount
1 x 3M Adhesive Stickers Mount
1 x USB Cable
User Manual

You can also use the rear view camera in reverse mode to get a better view of what’s behind your vehicle. Of course with a better view you can safely reverse your vehicle and avoid any kind of collision. If your vehicle does not have reverse sensors, then this function comes in handy.


Mounting the dash cam is also an easy process. Simply use the suction mount to easily and quickly secure the dash cam anywhere on your windshield. Or you can use the 3M adhesive mount option.

Claoner Dash Cam Review: Wrap Up

Even though this dashboard camera has a good quality build, it should not be compared to other pricier units. Even so, it functions just as well. The actual quality and functions are more than acceptable given the reasonableness of the price.

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There is also an updated version to this dash cam. This updated version has all the functionality and is just as easy to install and use. The difference is the 32GB SD card is already installed in the camera. So the new model is more of a plug and play sort of thing.

New model of the Claoner dual dash cam which includes 323GB SD card
Claoner Dual Dash Cam New Model with SD Card

However, as good as it sounds, there seems to be some issue with the rear camera in some instances. But even so, customers are gravitating towards it. Perhaps, the price is right. Even so, if you have doubts, you should definitely check out the APEMAN dash cams or the Nextbase 522GW, which are two of the top selling dash cams in the UK.

6 thoughts on “Claoner Dash Cam Review: A Quality Camera That Won’t Break Your Bank”

  1. First of all the camera has worked great. However it seems that the inline fuse for the 12vt (cigarette lighter) charging system has failed. I checked the fuse with a multimeter and it is open. My problem is the identify of the fuse. I cannot find a reference to the fuse in my manual. I would appreciate it if someone could send me the part number of the fuse so I can buy another. Again this is the glass tube fuse 200mm x 5mm. I would appreciate any help.

    1. While it’s tempting to opt for a 64GB SD card, the recommendation is Class 10 or above, up to 32GB)and make sure to format it before recording. It’s really up to you if you want to experiment outside of the recommendation.

    1. Hey Charles
      Sorry to hear that. Did you speak to the seller? What was the feedback? The item should definitely be replaced. The Claoner dash cam is not one of the best sellers, but I think that customers gravitate towards it because of the price. It’s a fairly inexpensive dash cam but even so, it should be a working one.

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