XMOTION L30 Dashcam: What Customers Are Saying About It

At first glance the XMOTION L30 Dashcam QUADBLACK QHD (1440P) 1 Channel looks like a really fantastic dash cam to buy. But could it be that this dash cam just might not be the one you want? However, with only five (5) star reviews, maybe it is one of the best dash cams to buy.

Editor’s Note: Great little product but it’s been out of stock so you may want to check out the Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam. it’s reasonably priced and pretty popular with Amazon customers. If you wan to see the top selling dash cams on Amazon, then click here.

About the Product:

  • Proper name: XMOTION L30 Dashcam QUADBLACK QHD (1440P, 30 fps)) 1 Channel
  • 16GB SD Card included
  • G-Sensor; Built-in shock detector
  • Advanced night vision
  • 3.5 Inch Touch Screen
  • Advanced driver assistance system
  • Made in Korea
  • Available on Amazon.com
  • Retails for $179.99 (Prime available)

XMOTION L30 Dashcam on Amazon

XMOTION L30 Dashcam: Customer Reviews

At the time of this review, the XMOTION L30 Dashcam, has a 100% five (5) star rating. Previously this dash cam had a 94 % 5 star rating, but it seems like things got better. It’s always nice to see companies listen to their customers and make improvements to their products where needed. But is that the case here?

If you check out the snap shot below, you’ll notice that there are only five (5) star ratings.


Reviews, like comments, that are not complimentary, can always be deleted. But even so, a 94% rating is nothing to sneeze at!

Take for example, the WheelWitness HD Pro dash cam. Customers complained about the mount falling apart, so the company did something about it. But even so, the WheelWitness HD Pro dash cam has a 70% 5 star rating. You can check out the review below and you’ll see what I mean.

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So what are customers saying about the XMotion L30 dash cam? Well, it seems as if the customers are loving this premium in-car dash cam. Well, apart from the 100% 5 star rating, here are six (6) things that customers are saying about the XMotion L30 dash cam, that stands out:

#1. Easy to install and use

Now who does not want a dash cam that is easy to install and use? You certainly don’t need any additional stress trying to install a dash cam in your car.

#2. Sleek camera design

Let’s face it. Who really wants a bulky camera taking up space, looking odd and cheap? A dash cam should compliment the interior of your car, not take away from it.

#3. Records clear video

Ability to record clear video, is a definite must for any dash cam, and it seems that the XMOTION L30 Dashcam QUADBLACK does a great job of it. According to one user, “the video is super clear, and you can even see license plates. Now that is freakin’ fanastic, because you definitely want a dash cam that will give you clear pictures as well as great night vision.

#4. Has a feature that prevents car battery drainage

This dash cam does not run on your car’s battery. You plug it into your car charger or you can hard wire it to your car’s fuse box.

#5. Clear plastic mount with 3M adhesive

So the XMOTION L30 Dash cam does not have a suction cup mount, but a clear plastic mount with 3M adhesive which is much better. If you know anything about 3M, then you know their products are top of the line.

Anyway, the clear plastic mount with 3M adhesive, allows the dash cam to grip much better to your windshield, as opposed to using a suction cup mount.

If you have concerns about how the your dash cam might function in extreme temperatures, you can easily take your XMOTION L30 Dash cam off the mount, take it with you, then easily snap the dash cam back into the mount, before you start driving again. (Optimal temperature for device operation is 14~140 degrees Fahrenheit.)

#6. Great for teen drivers

Want to make your teen a more conscientious driver? Teen drivers may want to take chances at times. But having that knowledge that whatever he or she does while driving is being recorded, they’ll be more inclined to play it safe.

In addition to which, if they get into a fender bender, no one can take advantage of them, especially if it’s not their fault, because the events would have been captured, so you’ll have that much needed evidence. So your teenage driver will have protection and you’ll have peace of mind.

XMOTION L30 Dashcam on Amazon

XMOTION L30 Dashcam: The Best Buy?

In all honesty the XMOTION L30 dash cam seems like one of the best buys, compared to some of the other dash cams out there. Admittedly, such a small set of reviews may not be the best yardstick to use in measuring this dash cam’s performance, but there is no denying that it has the features that you should look for when buying a dash cam.

One of the things you definitely need to keep in mind is that sometimes when you buy a product, you don’t always get a perfect one. But from the customer reviews thus far and a 4.5 out of 5 Star rating, it seems like the XMOTION L30 dash cam is on it’s way to being a best seller!

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