Dash Cam Captures Historic FIU Bridge Collapse

This bridge was being built to facilitate the smooth flow of Florida International University (FIU) students to and from the university and Sweetwater. But sadly that was not to be. Instead, a Dash Cam Captures Historic FIU Bridge Collapse.

What was supposed to be a historic feat; the first bridge of its kind, turned out to be an event that propelled some people into mourning the loss of their loved ones.

Now I am not an engineer in any way, shape or form. But from watching this video, you simply have to ask yourself, why was there no support at the center of the bridge? What is it about this bridge that made it okay to omit that kind of structural support?

What was supposed to be an opportunity to revel in a fantastic achievement while keeping students safe, while crossing the road at this juncture, turned out to be a tragedy that will, no doubt, be remembered for some time to come.

This is a rather unfortunate situation that most likely could have been avoided. But all the same, our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones in this tragedy.

Check out the video below and you’ll see exactly how it all unfolded.

Dash Cam Captures Historic FIU Bridge Collapse

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