What is the Use of a Dash Cam

Most likely you’ve been hearing the buzz about dash cams and wondering what is the use of a dash cam or dashboard camera. The benefits of having a dash cam are making them popular in places like the UK, Russia and a few other countries.

In this article I’ll tell you exactly what is the use of a dash cam. At the end of it all, I am sure you’ll understand why dash cams are becoming so popular. You might even agree that it’s a great piece of technology for anyone to invest in.

What does a dash cam do

As discussed in my article, What is a Dash Cam, dash cams are used to capture footage while you’re on the road driving. It hooks up to your car and it records footage of your journey, as you drive from place to place.

Depending on the kind of dash cam you purchase, you can record front or rear footage, both (Dual Dash Cams) or interior (Cabin view). But that’s not all they’re used for.

As it’s name implies, the camera is hooked up to your dashboard or on your windscreen, and like a video camera, it records footage while your driving. Even though most people may not know what is the use of a dash cam, having a dash cam can actually save you thousands!

What is the use of a dash cam

Okay so you are most likely wondering why record your journey. Well, some people do crazy things on the road. Some drive the wrong way, engage in road rage, and some try to escape taking responsibility for causing a fender bender. Having a dash cam or dashboard camera is like having your own unbiased witness (Wheel Witness) to any event that may have occurred while you were driving or not.

Some dash cams come with motion detectors, so if someone attempts to or engages in vandalizing your vehicle whilst it’s parked, that incident would be detected and automatically recorded. With your video footage, most likely the authorities could find the perpetrators easier. In this case, you dash cam is being used to ensure the security of your vehicle as well.

But dash cams are used for much more than just capturing road rage and acts of vandalism that’s for sure. Like I mentioned, it can be our wheel witness. If you have a dash cam or dashboard camera and someone crashes into your car, you’ll have recorded video footage on your dash cam to show that the accident was not your fault. That means that your car insurance premiums won’t go up because you have authentic proof that the accident was not your fault.

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More Great Uses of a Dash Cam

As a mom or parent, you can use a dash cam to keep a wider eye on your kids in their seats while on a journey. Using what is known as a cabin view dash cam allows you to do this. A cabin view dash cam records what’s going on in the interior of your vehicle.

Kids can often be rambunctious towards each other. They may even engage in misbehavior and may not fess up. You can save yourself the migraine by simply looking at your cabin view dash cam footage to see what actually happened. In future, since they know that the dash cam is recording what they are doing, they’ll most likely engage in more positive behavior.

Got a teenage driver?

If you’ve got a teenage driver and you want to keep an eye on him or her while they are using the car, then having a dash cam is a great way to do that. It can also help them to be a more conscientious driver on the road as well, since they know everything is being recorded.

If you’re a frequent night driver or you get distracted by something or other, and you have no idea that you’re drifting into another lane, some dash cams have sensors that will alert you of lane departure. So it’s helping to keep you safely in your lane.

You may even be able to benefit from lower insurance premiums if you have a dash cam. Some insurance companies provide additional discounts on car insurance if you’ve got a dash cam. There is also the suggestion that having a dash cam can make you a more conscientious or cautious driver.


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