Top 7 Benefits of Having a Dash Camera in Your Car

Having a dash camera in your car, truck or whatever vehicle you drive, is a great idea! In this post I’ll share with you the Top 7 Benefits of Having a Dash Camera in Your Car! Maybe there are more benefits but I’m just going with the top seven (7).

Dashboard cameras or Dash cams are extremely popular in Russia, the U.K. and China. In Russia, dash cams are used to provide evidence when needed, to guard against police corruption and insurance fraud.

They seem to capture quite a bit of road rage as well. We simply need to checkout YouTube, Facebook Twitter, and other websites, to see the thousands of videos showing automobile and aircraft crashes, close calls, and attempts at insurance fraud.

Whether you refer to them as dash cams or car dashborad cameras, having one in your car can be extremely beneficial.

Top 7 Benefits of having a dash camera in your car

Although dash cameras are becoming quite popular, the benefits of dash cameras most likely are the reason why that’s the case. The benefits of having a dash camera in your car includes:

#1. Provide video evidence.

Dash cameras or dash cams can provide video evidence in the event of a road accident. So you can save yourself the hassle and quite a bit of stress dealing with insurance claims, or trying to prove who was right or wrong in an accident.

#2. Capture video evidence of vandalism.

If your dash camera has a motion detector, it can record when a vehicle or person is approaching the vehicle. In such an instance, any act of vandalism can easily be recorded by your dashboard camera.

#3. Save time tracking down errant drivers.

Dash camera footage can be used by the police to save themselves some time, when they have to track down errant drivers who may have fled the scene of an accident, or some sort of adverse event. For example, like a drunk driver heading in the wrong direction and damaging cars or people in the process.

#4. Capture other events that may be unfolding in real time.

For example, dash cams have been used to capture aviation accidents. Elephants walking on the road and a host of other incredulous activities, we would not have seen otherwise.

Video Shows Why It’s a Good Idea to Have a Dash Cam

A Few More Benefits

#5. Makes you more considerate and cautious on the road.

Having a dash camera in your car is more likely to make you a more considerate and cautious driver. It’s recording while you’re driving, so you really don’t want to incriminate yourself in any wrong activity while driving on the road. For example, how often have we seen police offices violating the rights of others.

#6. Drive more responsibly.

It is suggested that people with dashboard cameras drive more responsibly. You may drive more defensively, because you know that you can be judged on your driving.

#7. Parents can keep an eye on their young driver.

Some dash cameras offer a function called ‘telematics’ which allows real time data collection to a computer at home. This way parents can have evidence as to how their young ones are driving on the road.

Overall, having a dash camera is pretty beneficial I’d say. So if you haven’t bought yours yet, you can grab one here.


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  1. Technology has changed the lives of people for the better. New inventions are continuously being introduced to the market and these inventions make our lives easier and more comfortable. In the past few years, we have seen the rise of dashboard cameras.

    1. Hey thanks for dropping by
      The technology is definitely making a difference and a dashboard camera is a great invention and having one is a great way to make your life hassle free if ever you got into a fender bender that was not your fault.

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