ORSKEY Dash Cam Review: Best Budget Buy Performer

ORSKEY Dash Cam Review: If you are looking for an inexpensive dash cam that performs, then the Orskey dash cam is a great choice. The way some people are driving these days, a dash cam is becoming an essential purchase. As far as customer reviews go, this budget dash cam is actually very impressive.

The fact that it’s at the low end in terms of price does not take away from it’s performance at all. Added to that, it’s sufficient to meet your driving needs and provide evidence in the case of an accident. Camera and picture quality are highly rated and it’s pretty easy to install as well. It also comes with good night vision, motion detection and durability.

ORSKEY Dash Cam Review

This ORSKEY Dash Cam comes with a 170 degree wide angle view so you see quite a bit of the roadway ahead of you. It has a 3.0″ LCD display that is large enough for you to see real-time imagery and details as clear as possible. Added to that, it comes with night vision, motion detection and G-sensor. All of which are the basic features you need in a dash cam.

While the image quality at night may not be as excellent as the day time, overall the recordings are clear and smooth. The 6 unique infrared LED filled lights and WDR technology allow it to capture what it needs to, and that’s important.

ORSKEY single lens dash cam
Orskey Dash Cam

Despite the fact that this is a budget buy, it operates intelligently. In the event of an accident the G-sensor is activated and captures and protects the event. With the use of a suction cup, you can easily and securely mount this dash cam to your windshield in seconds. In park mode, it picks up any knocks of disturbance happening with your vehicle.

For the price, the build quality is excellent.

Price Micro SD card not included
DurabilitySingle dash cam
Camera & Video Quality
Easy to install
Good night vision

Amazon Customer Rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

You can also consider the ORSKEY dual dash cam as well.

Dual Dash Cam

A single dash cam is great but there are advantages to having a dual dash cam. Having a visual of what’s happening at the front as well as the back, provides a wider and better view of your driving environment.

The ORSKEY dual dash cam comes with all the same features as the single dash cam unit. However, there are added advantageous features. The obvious one being the additional rear camera.

ORSKEY dual dash cam
ORSKEY dual dash cam

But what’s also different is that this dash cam uses the Sony sensor so you get better resolution especially in low light areas. That means you can record incredibly clear videos of your road trips, even at night.

Overall, as a budget buy performer, the ORSKEY dash cams provide unbelievably good value and it’s understandable why they are popular with Amazon customers. These dash cams are the perfect silent witnesses that would speak volumes, should you ever have an accident.

Amazon Customer Rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

ORSKEY Dash Cam Alternative

If these ORSKEY dash cams are unavailable or they do not quite meet your need and you are looking for a dashboard camera with a bit more bells and whistles, then check out Nextbase dash cams. They are also popular in the UK and are worthy of consideration.

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  1. M Huxtable

    Bought the ORSKEY S800 DashCam and installed today, nice little camera with the added bonus of a reverse view camera also. Quality appears good with an effective suction clamp. Time will tell regards longevity but have great expectations given previous user reviews.

    Mike H


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