Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer Reviews: 4 Valid Reasons to Get Yourself One

The Phonesoap Smartphone sanitizer reviews suggest that there are valid reasons why you should get yourself one, besides the obvious. When was the last time you cleaned your cell phone? Or have you ever for that matter?

One of the things that people overlook is the germs that are on their mobile phones. Some people take their phone to the bathroom with them and they even rest it on all sorts of surfaces. If you think your cell phone, whether it’s a smartphone or not, is not dirty, then you need to think twice about that.

Fact: “cell phones harbor more than three (3) times the number of germs that dirty doorknobs do.” And we haven’t even mentioned the amount of germs on your toilet seat, kitchen counter, or pet food dish. So think about that little fact, the next time you hold your cell phone up to your face to have a conversation.

If you are a toilet talker; um, talk on your cell/smartphone while you are on the throne, then you know that germs can be accumulating on your phone. You wash your hands after using the bathroom but you don’t wash your phone.

4 Valid Reasons to Get Yourself a Phonesoap Sanitizer

  1. To get rid of those germs on your cell phone
  2. Charge your phone while it’s being sanitized
  3. Clean your other smart devices and other items; tablets, toys, smartwatch, glasses, fitness tracker, etc.
  4. Keep you and your family healthy

Just How Germy is Your Cell Phone?

Even if you don’t take your cell phone with you wherever you go, it is still accumulating germs. According to a Seattle Times article, “your phone is covered in germs!” Want to know how much? A whopping “25,127 bacteria per square inch, to be precise.” That little unknown fact makes your cell phone one of the dirtiest objects that you come into contact with on a regular basis.

18x Dirtier Than A Toilet


According to British researchers “Mobile phones harbor 18 times more bacteria than a flush handle in a typical men’s restroom.” That is some stomach-churning data for sure. Clearly with all these germs, you need to be cleaning your mobile phone on a regular basis. When was the last time you cleaned your cell phone? Probably never like most people.

Now you can use disposable wipes to clean and disinfect the surfaces of your phone. A gentle or soft cloth and a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol can work as well. The suggested mixture is 60% water and 40% isopropyl alcohol. However, if you don’t want to take the risk of getting moisture in your phone’s speaker, then the Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer is a great alternative.

What is Phonesoap and How it Works?

Phonesoap is exactly what it sounds like; soap to clean your mobile phone, only the device does not use soap. Featured on Shark Tank, Discovery Channel, Good Morning America and QVC, Phonesoap has a revolutionary bacteria-zapping technology to sanitize your smartphone. It uses UV-C bulbs, is battery powered and this smartphone sanitizer will kill 99.99% of the bacteria on your device.

UV-C light is germicidal and it neutralizes “superbugs” that have developed a resistance to antibiotics by breaking the germs apart. It has a deadly effect on pathogens, viruses, and any other kind of bacteria that may be hiding on your smartphone. The UV-C light is safe for electronics and it gets to the germs that hide in crevices where wipes can’t reach. So your smartphone gets a 360 degree cleaning.

YouTube Video: What is Phonesoap

Phonesoap is easy to use and has a rechargeable battery. It’s not just a smartphone sanitizer but a portable charger as well. So you definitely get value for your money. More importantly, it’s been tried and tested and proven to be effective. The device has an external blue indicator light that lets you know when your smartphone has been sanitized and it takes just about 10 minutes.

Keep the Germs at Bay

This device makes so much sense. The thing about it is that we pass on germs to our phones from the everyday items we come into contact with; restrooms, grocery carts, and gas station handles. What’s even worse is that warm places like purses and pockets are breeding grounds for the bacteria on your smartphone. Then you pick up that phone, place it by your ear and have a conversation.

If you are going to charge your phone anyway, why not sanitize it as well? It’s a simple process to clean your smartphone with this device. Simply place your phone in the device and let Phonesoap do the rest. Your phone can be charging and getting cleaned at the same time.

Think about your children and their phones, tablets, or toys and the amount of germs that may exist on the items they use. Yikes! Using the Phonesoap sanitizer is a great way to make sure that the items your children play with on a frequent basis, remain clean and safe for them to use.

Where to Buy Phonesoap

You can buy Phonesoap on Amazon or you can buy it directly from the website You’ll see a few more options on Phonesoap’s website as well and you can get a 5% discount if you bundle. The prices vary a bit but Phonesoap also offers free shipping within the U.S. on all orders. You can also customize it if you want to. No need to worry, it’s the same product on Amazon, since Phonesoap deals with wholesalers as well.

Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer Reviews

Customers are loving this device and it’s easy to see why. The Phonesoap smartphone sanitizer fits and chargers any phone. It was actually built to accommodate all smartphones, including the larger models such as the iPhone 8+ and the Galaxy S10+. So if you’ve got one of those you are covered. It comes with a travelling case for safe-keeping so you can clean your phone on the go.

Phonesoap smartphone sanitizer
Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Hotel, train, or plane, kill those germs before you get home. Fully charged, Phonesoap can run up to 45 sanitizing cycles. You just might be tempted into a cleaning frenzy. But you won’t have to travel with a dead cell phone either, since you have the added advantage of the device being able to charge your mobile phone as well.

If you want to sanitize more than just your phone and other larger items like tablets, then the Phonesoap Homesoap sanitizer is a great option.

Phonesoap’s HomeSoap UV Sanitizer

Your phone is most likely the dirtiest item you touch everyday. Clearly, using this Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer comes in handy. It’s a great way to keep the germs at bay and keep you and your entire family safe and healthy.

Now even though Phonesoap was created with smartphones in mind you can use the device to clean whatever can fit in it. So that’s an added advantage. You can use it to clean your car keys, smart watches, remote controls, or whatever can fit. Even your hands free cell phone devices. There is even a larger version to fit your tablet.

HomeSoap UV Sanitizer

The Homesoap sanitizer is a larger version that works to sanitize larger items in your home. Remember, this gadget can clean whatever can fit int it. If you have kids, then this is a great investment to keep the germs at bay. You can disinfect just about anything with this one, from tablets, to your children’s toys, pacifiers and even their bottles. If it fits, it will sanitize.

You don’t even have to read every single Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer reviews to know that this is a great buy. With the growing number of resistant bacteria, it makes sense to use this type of technology to kill those germs on your smartphone. Shouldn’t you be smart about how you use your smartphone?

18 thoughts on “Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer Reviews: 4 Valid Reasons to Get Yourself One”

  1. You are very correct, we have germs al around us and we careless on how they are been transmitted. I like it when you identified the phone as a medium where germs can move even if left alone. Thanks to this great device that I can sanitize and charge my phone at the same time, I have bookmarked it for purchase soonest

    1. Yep! And add the fact that some people take their cell phones to the washroom wit them. When they flush, that’s more germs and some even rest it on various surfaces in the washroom. Not a healthy scene at all and germs can get into spaces that on your phone that may not be easily cleaned otherwise. So the Phonesoap Smartphone sanitizer is a great way to make sure every space on your smartphone is properly sanitized from all the germs it is exposed to.

  2. I always figured that smartphones more germs than anyone realizes mainly because of how often we use them and where we tend to take them. There’s the standard wipes to clean a screen from smudges and fingerprints, but I don’t believe they have the necessary ingredients to rid the phone of germs. Your article of the phonesoap smartphone sanitizer is amazing and I want to get one really badly to use for my iPhone as well as tablets that I own. You explained perfectly how it works and that it’s UV-C light bulbs are safe for electronics. When did this first come out and have you used it already?

    1. Hey Brian
      It’s actually an interesting story. The idea for Phonesoap came about in 2009 and was invented by cousins Wes LaPorte and Dan Barnes. While at University, (Wes was studying science and Dan was studying business) they watched a TV report about just how contaminated cell phones were with fecal matter. So they decided to test their own phones to see how true the report actually was and boy were they surprised! Their results proved the report accurate. So at that point they began to strategize a possible solution.

      In an effort to raise money, they entered competitions with their invention and won a few. They then used that money to build their first prototype. Being encouraged by others that the idea was worthwhile, the started crowd funding, exceeded their target and the first batch of PhoneSoap V1 was manufactured in 2013.

      It was officially on the market in 2014 and sold 22,349 units. In 2015 they were featured in Shark Tank. They got three (3) offers and chose Lori Greiner as their partner, and the rest as they say, is history. In 2016 the PhoneSoap V2 and PhoneSoap XL were launched. To date they’ve sold over one million units and they have continued to grow while releasing newer versions of the product and other accessories. The cool thing is that it sanitizes more than my Samrtphone. I can use it with to clean my car keys, specs, and anything that will fit in it.

  3. This is quite an interesting one to see here and I must say that this post here is worthwhile  this phonesoap smartphone sanitizer is quite a good plan and I plan to get one. I have never cleaned my phone as you have rightly stated this is really good to see here. Thank you so  much. This is worthwhile to see and it should be worth the purchase

    1. Hi Rodarrick
      The Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer is definitely worth it! It’s a convenient and safe way to clean your phone. The UV light will get into the nooks and crannies that wipes won’t be able to get into. And the cool thing about it is that it will sanitize whatever can fit into the device.

  4. Raise your washed hands if you are staring at your phone like a little germ mobile now!  All joking aside, I’m not a total germaphobe but, I am definitely one of those people that clean my phone on a regular basis.  The Phonesoap Smartphone sanitizer is definitely on my wish list now!  

    I have always used the isopropyl alcohol method up until this point but, as we all know now, there are tougher germs at play now where the UV-C devices give us 99.9% effectiveness over my old method.  Plus 10 minutes to wait is a lot less time than it usually takes me to do my old method process!

    Now, if only I could fit my entire laptop into that sucker!  At least I’m the only one who touches it though!  

    1. Fyre
      You are so right. As helpful as they are, these phones really are germ mobiles (LOL). But it’s good to know that you clean your phone on a regular basis and you are right, there are other germs at play, so we all need to be extra careful. Now, there is also an XL version of the device, but it is doubtful that your laptop will fit. LOL! But I won’t be surprised if these guys come up with a solution to that particular situation.

  5. This is such a phenomenal idea! 

    I knew phones were dirty but not that dirty. Apparently a toilet seat has around 295 bacteria per square inch while a dog’s water bowl has about 2,110 per square inch but according to your article, it’s nothing compared to over 25,000 bacteria on phones! Crazy if you think about it. 


    1. Hi Sonny
      It really is a phenomenal idea! And Kudos o the two guys who decided to invent it. The thing is we lay out phones down on all sorts of surfaces without event thinking about the fact that it’s picking germs form these surfaces. We even put them in our pockets that provide a breeding place for said germs. It’s the one thing we take all over with us and we neglect to clean it. So crazy!

  6. It sounds like an interesting product. I’ve never really thought about cleaning my phone. The only thing I do is occasionally use an alcohol wipe on it to get fingerprints off or the occasional bit of food/dirt. I think the best thing about this device for me is that it also charges your phone. This is nice because you could even just use it at night while your sleeping and wake up with a clean and charged phone.

    1. Hey Sam
      It’s great to know that you clean your phone on occasion. But you still have to be careful when using the alcohol wipe, as you don’t want any moisture going into any small openings that your phone has and you definitely don’t want to leave any germs on it. I agree with you that the Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer is pretty convenient, since you can clean and charge your phone at the same time. But it does not clean your phone only, as it will sanitize any thing that can fit into the device.

  7. Hi! I’ll get one today. These facts are shocking. I didn’t know that our phone could have so much bacteria: 18 times more bacteria than a flush handle! That’s astonishing. And all this time we have been relaxed about it. I even take my phone to bed and put it beside my pillow.

    1. Hi Ann
      Thanks for dropping by. Agreed, the facts are indeed shocking. Can you imagine just how dirty your Smartphone really is? Hopefully you’ll find a more appropriate place for your phone until you get your very own Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer. The cool thing about it is that whatever can fit in your sanitizer, will be sanitized, so you are not limited to sanitizing your Smartphone only. Your keys, glasses, whatever can fit.

  8. wow, honestly i have never been thinking for the germs on my phone. And i have never watching where i use it. That information shocks me. I cant imagine how much germs and how dirty the smartphones really are.

     Thank you for sharing this important information with us. I will definetly clean my phone more regulary.

    1. Hi Paneva
      You are most welcome. Most people have no idea about the amount of germs that may be accumulating on their Smartphones. They use it without even thinking about it, and carry it everywhere but it does not get cleaned. The funny thing is we wash our clothes and other items to get rid of the accumulated dirt and germs, but we rarely treat our Smartphones the same way. The phone that goes all over and is placed on all sorts of surfaces.

  9. This is such an insightful and informative article. For starters, I have never nursed the idea that my phone could actually pose a health risk to me in the form of germs accumulated over time. As strange as it appears, I have to say, the idea makes a lot of sense. Also, the idea that the sanitizer can charge my phone makes it all the more appealing. I’m truly glad you shared.

    1. Hi Rhain
      Most people seldom think about germs on their smartphone, far less for the amount of germs that are actually on there. The thing about it is that we leave our phones on all sorts of surfaces, never really thinking that we are creating an environment for germs to flourish. We all know that germs can wreck havoc in more ways than one. So the Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer makes a whole lot of sense to get rid of those germs and keep ourselves and our family safe.

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