Dash Cams Best Buy Under $50

If you are looking for dashboard camera for your car and one that would fit your budget, then check out dash cams best buy under $50! These can easily be voted as the best 1080P dash cams under $50. If you are familiar with dash cams, then you’ll see some familiar names and some not so familiar names but you’ll get quality for your money nonetheless.

Despite the price, these dash cams all provide the same functions:

  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • G-Sensor (Collision detection)
  • 24 hour Parking Monitor
  • Loop Recording, and
  • Motion Detection

Listed above are the basic functions for any dash cam. If you need more help making the best choice that fits your need, then feel free to check out our guidelines and checklist. While the majority on our list come with 3″ LCD screen, there are only a few variations. For example the Byakov has a 2″ screen, then there is the APEMAN mini. But regardless of those variations, below are some great choices that would definitely cover your daily driving needs within your budget that’s for sure.

But just so you know, we’ve saved the best for last if you are looking for more functionality. So let’s get started.

Dash Cams Best Buy Under $50

1. APEMAN 1080P Dash Cam

This APEMAN dash cam comes with a 3″ LCD screen with a 170 degree wide angle lens. With such a wide angle lens you are able to reduce the blind spots and of course capture more details while on the road.

APEMAN 1080P dash cam

It comes with a F1.8 aperture that ensures the clarity of images at night. So you don’t need any auxiliary light source, even if you are in a low-light environment. This adds the advantage of making it easy to obtain sharp and color-accurate images.

The APEMAN is all about simple installation and operation and there is no need to worry even for a first time dash cam user. This is actually one of the best selling dash cams on Amazon. Clearly, it’s doing what it was designed to do.


2. CHORTAU Front and Rear Dash Cam

This dash cam also has a 3 inch LCD screen but it covers both the front and rear of your vehicle so that’s an added advantage right there. Like the APEMAN it also has a 1080P resolution, a 170 degree wide-angle front camera and 130 degree rear camera. So this dual dash cam reduces much more of the blind spots as it gives you more road coverage.

CHORTAU dual dash cams best buy under $50
CHORTAU front and rear dash cam

Like the APEMAN it has good night vision technology. This dash cam uses a 6 pcs IR LED and wide dynamic range so you can see road signs and license plates clearly, even at night. Another great choice that can prevent you from getting into driving disputes related to fender benders. Easy to install with reference pictures in the user manual. Suction mount included so that you attach it anywhere on your windshield.


3. Crosstour 1080P Car Dashboard Camera

The Crosstour is another affordable and reliable dash cam that comes with 170 degree wide angle lens and a 3 inch LCD screen. Like the CHORTAU, it comes with 6 glass fixed-focus technology so again you get better light transmission, and crystal clear video recording. This is another best buy under $50 that can help resolve your insurance claim quickly and without dispute.

Crosstour 1080P car dashboard camera

Another easy install that uses a suction cup to secure the device.


4. Campark 1080P Dash Cam

The Campark car dashboard camera also fits the criteria for dash cams best buy under $50. This is another 1080P DVR that comes with a 3 inch LCD screen and super night vision as well. It has a 170 degree wide angle and it also uses the 6-layers glass lens technology. Another easy to use and install dash cam that comes with what you need to help you meet your everyday driving needs.


5. APEMAN C-420 Mini 1080P Dash Cam

This is a mini dash cam that you can use discretely. You can use it behind your rear view mirror. Designed to be lightweight, simple and user friendly even if you are a new dash cam user. As well as a more comfortable use of the buttons. Despite its mini design, this dash cam captures just as much details as the previous ones mentioned.

It comes with high definition day and night recording and provides a 170 degree view of the roadway as well and comes with all the benefits highlighted above. The appearance, texture and the upgrade of the button make the product feel more comfortable; the operation is still simple and friendly to new users. It’s 2 minutes to take out of the box and install and APEMAN provides a one year warranty.


6. BYAKOV 1080P Dash Cam

The Byakov is an upgraded dash cam that comes with a 2 inch LCD screen. Convenient for daily driving and it comes with automatic recording and shut down so you save yourself time setting up that function. It’s another 1080P dash cam that employs a 170 degree wide angle view and also delivers clear video and images. It easily meets your driving needs

This dash cam employs a 170°super wide and 1080P FHD lens. It can deliver clearer videos and images, capture more details and reduce the blind zone in the recording, keep your safe and meet every driver’s recording demands.


7. VATENIC V01 1080P Full HD Dual Dash Cam

It comes with a 4″ screen so it just may be a bit easier and more convenient to operate. It comes with a Wide-angle front (170°) and rear (130°) camera so you can definitely see much more of the road and prevent more blind spots.

Despite it being 4 inches, the compact size makes for easy installation and it won’t disturb your vision. The function buttons are located on the right side so it gives a more comfortable feel. All you need to do is insert the SD card, and connect the dash cam to the power supply and that’s it. This one makes a great choice even for a first time dash cam user.

Comes with WDR plus F1.8 aperture. This combination allows for enhanced clarity of images in different light environments, making night shots brighter as well as preventing overexposure under strong light. So clearly it’s easier to obtain sharp and color accurate images with this dual dash cam.

Compact size, easy to install, won’t disturb the driver. The five buttons on the right side make it feel more comfortable, just plug in the SD card (not included) and connect to the power supply, no need to worry even for a first time user. This dual dash cam provides a great visual experience and is perfect dash cam for Uber, rideshare, Lyft drivers, or regular commuters and families.

But here’s what makes this dash cam stands out. It comes with a guide rear reversing car line. Sometimes parking can be a hassles, especially if you are negotiating a small space. The display screen will automatically show you a full rear view with parking lines when you engage your car’s reverse gear. So you can reverse your car safely and without any worry.


Editor’s Pick for Dash Cams Best Buy Under $50

Admittedly it might be a touch choice, as all of these dash cams fit the criteria. They all come with the WDR, Loop recording, G-sensor, night vision, and parking monitor functions. However, in making your choice you’d have to determine your preference. For example, stuff happens behind your vehicle as well, so a dual dash cam would capture more.

If however, you want to be discrete and you are okay with sacrificing the rear view, then the APEMAN mini is a good choice. Another factor you may want to consider is the warranty being offered. APEMAN offers a one year warranty on the C-420 MINI dash cam. But if you are looking for more functionality for under $50, then the VATENIC definitely gets our vote.

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