The Best Dash Cameras for Cars

The best dash cameras for cars may not all be on the best selling list, as some people buy what they can afford. However, getting a quality dashboard camera for your car, could mean spending a bit more. When you think about it, it makes more sense buying a quality dash camera that would serve you well, as opposed to buying a cheap one that might frustrate you. Don’t you agree? 

There are dashboard cameras that cost around $39 or so. Feel free to check out our review of the best dash cams under $50. But buying a cheap dash camera could mean crappy video quality and less recording time. These are two very important features you want to make sure that your dash camera is equipped to handle. Crappy images won’t help to prove your innocence.

Let’s be real, sacrificing video quality is defeating the purpose of why you’re buying the dash camera in the first place. So choose quality. That being said, check out our the top five (5) best dash cameras for cars for 2020!

The Best Dash Cameras for Cars

Quick Summary – The Top 5 Best Dash Cams

  1. ROVE R2-4K Car Dash Cam
  2. Nextbase 512GW 1440p Quad HD Car Dash Cam
  3. TOGUARD Uber 1080P+1080P dual dash cam
  4. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam
  5. VAVA 1920x1080P Car Dash Cam

These are the top five (5) and best rated dash cams based on Amazon customer experience. So let’s check them out in a bit more detail.

1. ROVE R2-4K Car Dash Cam

If you want a dash cam with all the bells and whistles at an affordable price, then the ROVE R2-4K Dash Cam is a great buy. This dash cam is ROVE’s best selling and highly rated dash cam. If your car does not have GPS and you want Wi-Fi as well, then this is a great choice.

ROVE R2-4K best dash cam for cars
ROVE R2-4K Car Dash Cam for Cars

The ROVE is discreet and has voice activated parking mode. That means if anything happened to your vehicle while it was parked, once you switch on the engine, the voice alert system lets you know that something happened to your car while it was parked.

Now that’s pretty sweet, since this feature saves you time and effort. You don’t need to go through daily footage to check for anything, as you can check right then and there.

Check out our full ROVE R2-4K car dash cam review for more details.

ROVE is all about giving their customers the best personalized user experience possible at an affordable price. This dash cam works with iOS and android devices and gives you clear and vivid images and customers are loving it!

2. Nextbase 512GW 1440p Quad HD Car Dash Cam

Quality image is a key factor when selecting your dash cam. So if you are looking for a great dash cam with great imaging technology, then look no further. Nextbase dash cams carry the very latest senor technology from Sony, so the 512 GW dash cam boasts stronger colors for enhanced images under any conditions. You are assured of having high quality footage to back your insurance claims.

Features at a glance

Nextbase 512GW dash cam
  • HD Resolution – 1440P HD
  • 3″ LED Screen size
  • 140 degree viewing angle
  • Powered magnetic mount
  • Enhanced night vision
  • GPS logging
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Wide dynamic range
  • High dynamic range
  • Reflection free with polarizing filter

This dash cam comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity so you can easily upload and share your video. No wires necessary, as the Nextbase Cam Viewer app allows you to send the footage directly to your smartphone or tablet. You can also use the Nextbase Replay 3 Software to edit the video yourself.

The high dynamic range and the wide dynamic range help to improve contrast, maintain clarity for recordings and ensures that your recordings are clear in both bright and dark light.

Nextbase are the world’s bestselling Dash Cam brand, and they’ve got a product to suit all customers and budgets. For more options you can check out our full Nextbase Dash Cams Review. But this dash cam and the complimentary features makes it one of the best dash cameras for cars.

3. TOGUARD Uber 1080P+1080P dual dash cam

You don’t have to be an Uber or Lyft driver to appreciate this dash cam. As dash cams go, the TOGUARD dual dash cam is also one of the best dash cameras for cars. This one comes with the features needed to be a reliable dash cam. Apart from being a dual dash cam, it comes with G-Sensor, WDR, parking monitor, as well as motion detection

Considering it covers both the front and rear of your vehicle, as well as inside, and you can’t go wrong with this as a choice. It’s lightweight, has crystal clear night vision as well as excellent imaging and viewing angles.

TOGUARD uber dual dash cam
TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam Full HD 1080P+1080P

Features at a glance

  • Full HD 1080P+1080P
  • Inside and Outside Car Camera Dash
  • 340° Wide angle & 360° Rotatable Cameras
  • 3M adhesive mount as well as suction cup

Unlike the Nextbase dash cam which has a 140 wide angle view, the TOGUARD dash dual cam has two 170° wide angle view so you see more of the road in front as well as the back of you. This dash simultaneously records what’s happening around your vehicle as well as the cabin. So it’s perfect for Lyfy, Uber or car taxi drivers as well.

Although the TOGUARD Uber dual dash cam is a great buy for anyone, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. This dash cam does not offer Wi-Fi and GPS logging. But if your car already has those features then this is a great choice as well.

4. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

If you don’t need GPS or Wi-Fi with your dash cam, then the Rexing V1 Car dash cam is also a great choice for anyone looking for a dash cam for their car.

This dash cam comes with a 2.4″ LCD screen as well as full HD 1080P. It’s got a 170 degree wide angle view, so you’ve a wide view of what’s happening ahead of you. It’s got G-sensor and loop recording but it’s a single camera.

Rexing V1 car dash cam
Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

Even so, it has wide dynamic range which allows the camera to perform optimally in any lighting situation. As single camera dash cams go, the V1 is Rexing’s best seller. More more details you can check out our full review on Rexing dash cams.

Mounting option include the suction cup mount or the adhesive mount. GPS optional but not included. You can also set this dash cam to record at which ever interval you prefer; 3, 5 or 10 minute intervals.

5. VAVA 1920x1080P Car Dash Cam

Okay, we’re talking about the best dash cams for cars, so we simply couldn’t omit this one. The VAVA 1920x1080P car dash cam is definitely worthy of consideration.

VAVA dash cam the best dash cam for cars
VAVA 1920x1080P Car Dash Cam

Although this dashboard camera comes with a 155° lens, the 1920x1080p allows you to capture up to 5 car lanes, so that’s pretty significant. It’s got a 360° manual rotatable lens, and that little feature enables the dash cam to capture what’s happening in any direction of your vehicle, including inside and outside.

VAVA car dash cam features and ratings

Features at a glance and ratings

It comes with Wi-Fi as well as the VAVA Dash mobile app, that you can use for live viewing or real-time photo and video sharing or direct transfer of evidence directly from your phone.

This dash cam also comes with built-in GPS and utilizes the sony IMX323 CMOS image sensor to provide clear an crisp footage day or night. Apart from the GPS tracking your driving route and location, it will also track your speed. So this is a great dash cam, especially if you have teenage drivers.

The included sony, night vision, G-sensor and parking mode features along with its sleek and discreet design, all add to make sure that this well-hidden wheel witness, captures all the events on the road ahead.

Summary: The Best Dash Cameras for Cars

As always, considering your budget can influence the type of dash cam you might want to select. In making your choice, keep in mind that quality images are important and that you may have to pay a bit extra for a quality dash cam.

You also want to keep in mind that events don’t just happen in front of your vehicle but behind as well. Considering that fact, a dual dash cam is best. Regardless of whether you are a Lfyt, Uber or car Taxi driver, anyone of these dash cams will work for you.

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