Top 5 Hand Sanitizers to Keep in Your Vehicle

Hey, check out the top 5 hand sanitizers you should definitely keep in your vehicle. While you can’t go wrong with a classic bar of soap to clean your hands, using said soap can be a challenge while you are on the road. For example, can you envision yourself busting out your soap to go wash your hands, after stopping at a service station for gas or to top up the pressure in your tires? LOL! Nah, I can’t see it.

But it is an extremely great idea to clean your hands after doing those things. Especially now, since Covid-19 is on the scene. You definitely don;t want to take any chances. Think about how many individuals touch the gas pump on a regular basis, especially if it’s self-service. Do you think people clean those things regularly? The thought just crossed my mind. Hey, prevention is better than cure any day.

If you are topping up the pressure in your vehicle tires, then you know that your hands are going to get dirty during the process. Of course you can go use the facilities at the service station to wash your hands. Hopefully, it would be clean, functional, and worthy of use. We all know how that can go.

However, in a situation like this, the simplest thing really is to use one of the best antibacterial hand sanitizer to clean your hands and be on your way. So which hand sanitizer works best? Well check out the top 5 brands.

Top 5 Hand Sanitizers

Of course, PURELL hand sanitizer is one that works the best. But we’ve included some other options as well. However, if you are interested in learning how to make your own hand sanitizer, then check out “Beginners Guide to HOMEMADE HAND SANITIZER RECIPES: Quick and Easy Recipes to make your Natural Homemade Hand Sanitizer.

1. Purell Hand Sanitizer

Purell hand sanitizer is the number one brand. It’s used by hospitals and recommended by healthcare professionals. It’s been prove to kill 99.99% of most common germs than can cause illness and it does not damage your skin. If you own a garage or work with cars on a regular basis, then you may want to consider having a ES Push-Style Dispenser.

The dispenser can easily be mounted on the wall with the command 3M strips which are included. It holds almost twice as much product as the standard 8 fl. oz. PURELL pump bottle. You can also use this in the office, at home, or to top up your portable hand sanitizer bottle.

One squirt of Purell hand sanitizer kills as many germs as two (2) squirts of any other brand.

You’ve also get the PURELL Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer. This is an advanced non-aAlcohol formula, that comes in a 45mL Pump Bottle, and 3 Count (Pack of 5). It’s a fragrance and dye free solution and leaves your hands feeling soft. It’s portable so you’ve got quick access to it.

Top 5 hand sanitizers - PURELL Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer
Purell hand sanitizer

2. Care Touch Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads

If you prefer sanitizer wipes to keep your hands clean, then the Care Touch sterile alcohol prep pads are a great choice. It comes with 400 alcohol wipes individually wrapped and sealed, so each packet remains sterile.

Care Touch sterile alcohol prep pads

Sanitizing wipes are not a bad idea at all. You can use it to ensure that you really wipe away the dirt on your hands properly. It’s saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for optimum anti-bacterial action.

3. Ehinew Hand Sanitizer Gel

The Ehinew hand sanitizer is also a great choice. It’s great for travelling, as well as your kitchen or your bathroom. This comes in a 70ml bottle of hand sanitizer that also moisturizes your had. It’s a small size so you can easily store it in your vehicle and take it with you wherever you go.

Ehinew hand sanitizer gel

The gel texture allows you to control the amount dispensed and it is also effective when it comes to killing germs, fungi, cocci, and viruses, etc., quickly. More importantly, it is non-irritating and won’t hurt your skin either.

4. Herbal Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

The herbal moisturizing hand sanitizer is another one of the top five (5). It comes rich in Aloe Essence and we know that there are lots of benefits from aloe. It’s got 75% alcohol and aloe and comes in a portable mini hand sanitizer gel. Throw it in your vehicle, backpack, purse, briefcase, so you can have it t keep your hands clean whenever you need it.

Top 5 hand sanitizers - Herbal moisturizng hand sanitizer
Herbal Moisturizing hand sanitizer

Just squeeze the amount you need into your palm and rub your hands together for clean and smooth feeling, refreshed hands. Each bottle is leak proof, so the hand sanitizer won’t spill o your personal items. Of course you need to make sure you close it back properly after you use it. But all you need to do is flip the cap and squeeze out the amount you need and rub your hands together until they are dry.

5. Siruini Hand Sanitizer

The Siruini hand sanitizer comes in a refreshing gel pump bottle. You get 10 Fl Oz and it kills 99.99% of many harmful germs and bacteria quickly as well. It also moisturizes Vitamin E and the pump is convenient for easy dispensing.

Siruini Hand Sanitizer

Top 5 Hand Sanitizers – Wrap Up

That’s our take on the top 5 hand sanitizers. Anyone of these hand sanitizers would get the job done. Clearly some have a few more moisturizing properties than others, but they are all about keeping your hands clean, especially when you don;t have access to soap and water right away.

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As stated, the Purell brand is the one that is well recognized and recommended across the board. However, if that brand is not available, then you’ve got some great additional choices.

Hey, don’t forget to sanitize your Smartphone as well. While sanitizing wipes may not get your entire phone clean, the PhoneSoap sanitizer will. It will also sanitize any item that can fit into it as well. So check it out and get to sanitizing your important stuff the easy way.

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