COVID-19 Blamed for Increase in Car Crashes

COVID-19 blamed for increase in car crashes. But should that be the case? According to one expert, reckless driving is a result of pandemic stress. There is even a name for it. During the lockdown, there were less cars on the road. Of course fewer cars meant that people might engage in reckless driving. Speeding and that sort of thing.

According to the Inside Edition video below, “car crash deaths for 2020 went up 7% but increased by 18% for the first six months of 2021 (NHTSA). Based on the statistics, that is the highest in 14 years.” The report indicated that there was an epidemic of speeding on highways that were free from rush hour traffic. However, the reckless driving has continued, even though roads are packed again.

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COVID-19 Blamed for Increase in Car Crashes

This bad behavior on the road is being explained via the pandemic leaving us isolated, lonely, and depressed, which is affecting how we drive. It’s called “arousal breakout.”

According to Dr. Johnathon Ehsani “some people are letting out their frustration on the road, using substances, or a combination of the two.”

Jane Terry from the National Safety Council, states that “people are not wearing their seatbelts, and also driving impaired. It is reported that drunk driving went up 10% since the start of the pandemic. Given that bit of information, should the blame be placed squarely on COVID-19? Clearly some people are not dealing with their issues appropriately.

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That being said, it’s clear that we all need to exercise caution on the roadways, that’s for sure. This situation certainly makes the idea of having a dash cam worth while, because you just never know.

Effects of being off the road

Arguably, being off the road for a while may impact someone’s driving ability. I remember discussing driving on the road during the lockdown with a friend. The conversation revolved around driving safely on the road. It felt a bit strange being back on the road, after the lockdown, especially when driving longer distances.

Video: Reckless driving is a result of pandemic stress

For me, it was as if I forgot certain things after being off the road for a while, so I had to literally remind myself to drive safely and pay attention, whether the roadway was packed or not. But, I am not blaming the pandemic for that. It’s more the lack of driving regularly. Even so, a road free of traffic is not an opportunity to speed, which is the number one cause of accidents.

So perhaps we need to place the blame where it belongs, squarely on the shoulders of the reckless drivers, as opposed to blaming COVID-19.

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