Motorcycle Holiday Gifts Buying Guide

Welcome to our Motorcycle Holiday Gifts Buying Guide! Wondering what gift to get the motorcyclist in your family? Or maybe you’re looking for a friend. Then this motorcycle holiday gifts Buying Guide is definitely for you! Motorcycle gear is always a good idea. Like clothes, you can never have enough. But there are other unique gifts for motor cycle riders. So check out our suggested gift ideas for the motorcycle enthusiast.

Motorcycle Holiday Gifts Buying Guide

Not only are these are great motorcycle holiday gift ideas but you can use them all year round. Birthdays, anniversaries, or simply to say “I’m thinking of you.” These motorcycle gift ideas are perfect for men, women, and kids too. Let’s get started!


I don’t know about you but the first thing that comes to my mind when riding a motorcycle, is safety. So the perfect safety gift for any motorcycle rider would be a helmet. And there are lots of motorcycle helmets to chose from. Helmet styles include full face, half helmets, German motorcycle helmets, beanie, as well as motocross motorcycle helmets. You can also get them with decorative stickers (decals) or painted graphics. So you’ve got lots of options here.

Leather Chaps

While we’re on the topic of safety, some leather chaps would be great too. It might give a “village people” feel to it but motorcycle chaps help prevent road rash and wind burn. They also come in handy in chilly and wet weather. So a pair of durable leather chaps would make a great gift too. Just make sure to get the size right. If you’re not sure, then a gift card always works.


Stylish protective eye wear is also another great gift idea for motorcycle riders. Think about sunglasses or motorcycle goggles. These come in a variety of shapes and colors and some are often tinted yellow. The yellow tint actually helps to reduce glare and improve vision at night. There are lots of options here too.


A warm and comfy leather motorcycle jacket is another great gift. It keeps the wind out and these jackets can be used all year long. Added to that, there are lots of styles to choose from. Denim motorcycle jackets are popular as well and also make for a great gift. However, they aren’t appropriate for colder climates.

Boots & Gloves

Leather motorcycle boots and gloves are great motorcycle gift ideas as well. These items make a great addition to the motorcycle leather jacket. You can get full fingered or half fingered motorcycle leather gloves. Some motorcycle riders are glove junkies. So a great pair of premium leather motorcycle gloves would definitely make their day. Gloves are great for protecting their hands and fingers during rides.

Rain Gear

If your gift recipient lives where there is a lot of annual rainfall, then rain gear is also another gift idea. Rain gear comes in handy to protect all the leather that he or she might be wearing when riding their motorcycle. It’s a great way to help them protect their gear for many years to come, while exposed to the elements.

More Motorcycle Holiday Gifts

Motorcycle Gear

Apart from clothing and protective gear, motorcycle gear make great gifts as well. If the motorcycle rider you are getting the gift for does not need motorcycle clothing, then getting them gear for their motorcycle would be great. You can also check out motorcycle canvas covers, motorcycle cable and lock system.

Other gift considerations include motorcycle luggage systems or saddle bags, to double the storage and cargo area of the motorcycle. Motorcycle tool bags or a sissy bar rack pack are great gift alternatives as well.

Motorcycle holiday gifts

Motorcycle Dash Cam

Dash cams are great for motorcycle holiday gifts. This is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. It’s a great tool for the motorcycle rider to capture those unforgettable moments, from scenery images, to any incidents that matter to him or her, while riding.

No matter what kind of motorcycle gift you buy for the motorcycle rider in your life, it would definitely be appreciated. You can even do an entire motorcycle themed gifts with a few selected items from this guide. Just remember to do a bit of snooping before you buy.

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