Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Cam Review

Uniquely designed for motorcycles, the Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Cam captures both the front and the rear of what’s going while you’re enjoying your ride. As a motorcycle rider, it makes a lot of sense to get yourself a dash camera.

Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Cam Review

Let’s face it, motorcycle riders are often the last thing on some drivers’ minds, so it makes sense to protect yourself in any and every which way you can. This dash camera uses V30 solution, 2G DDR, and the recorder can easily handle 1080P graph for both front and rear cameras.

Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Cam

Features at a glance

  • Front and rear cameras
  • HD 1080P
  • 130 Degree Angle 
  • Night Vision 
  • G-sensor
  • GPS optional
  • Loop recording
  • 2.35″ LCD IP67 Waterproof Screen
  • Two Sony 323+6 light sensors
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With the entire unit being waterproof, it’s absolutely okay to use your Blueskysea DV688 dash cam while it’s raining. The 130° field of view enables full road coverage, so you can see what’s happening around you.

In event of an unfortunate event, you get automatic protection as the G-sensor locks and triggers an automatic protection for your file.

This dash cam comes with 6G all glass professional lens that has an infrared filter to block infrared rays and reduce glare. That means it makes HD images sharper, clearer and more realistic. This comes in handy, especially at night.


  • Dual dash camera
  • Easy to install (plug and play)
  • Great picture quality
  • Great sound quality
  • Bright during the night time


  • GPS not include

While GPS is optional with this unit, had it been included, that would have made for a great deal. But look on the bright side, you can still get it. Apart from that, below is a quick overview of what you get when you purchase the Blueskysea DV688 dash camera for your motorcycle.

Package contents include:

  • DV688 2CH Camera
  • Wired COntroller
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Charger Cable
  • 6x bandages
  • 2x Velcro
  • 2x Camera Lens2
  • 2 1m connection cable
  • 2x Backup Mount for Cameras


Adding GPS to your Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Cam would definitely be a bonus you would benefit from. In case of an accident, the GPS ensures that all of the corresponding information is captured so you don’t have to rely on your memory for pertinent details.

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