Idiots in Cars Videos Show Why You Need a Dash Cam

idiots in cars

Idiots in cars videos show exactly why you should get yourself a dash cam and some home security. Unless it’s remote control, a car is not a toy to play with. When you watch these videos, it really makes you wonder what some people are thinking while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Well, most likely they aren’t thinking.

What is Idiots in cars

Idiots in Cars is a YouTube channel that post videos of people driving crazy and doing crazy things with cars. These crazy drivers are often captured on video via a dash cam or outdoor security system. If you haven’t seen the channel, then you should definitely check them out. We’ve included a video below.

Watching channels like these help to make you aware while you are on the road. After watching videos like these, you definitely want to take your time on the road and be as cautious as possible, because there are some crazy ass people out there.

Stupid Driving

Even though there are laws against it, some people still ignore the dangers of driving and texting or using a hand held phone while driving. There are so many hands free cell phone devices available, but it is clear that some people just don’t care and they do whatever they want. With some of these videos you have to wonder, if these drivers ever did a regulations or driving test to get a driver’s license. Because it seems as if they know absolutely nothing about driving on the road.

But the more you watch, it shows just why you should get yourself a dash camera. These sort of drivers are all over the globe, so none of us are really safe out there. Some people have no patience while they are on the road and some don’t pay attention. If they did, most likely there would be way less accidents.

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The thing about accidents is that they can be prevented. But some people seem to be in a hurry to get no where fast. They want to overtake on the shoulder, between lanes, it’s just crazy. What’s unfortunate about all of this is that if and when a serious accident occurs, these drivers aren’t always the ones that end up being “dead on arrival.” Most often it’s an innocent victim.

Folks, while on the road, take your time, exercise patience and try to stay safe. Drive with the understanding that some people won’t be courteous on the road. Pay attention while on the road, that way you can keep yourself as safe as possible and live to drive another day.


The video below is Idiots In Cars #14 and has had 10 million views and counting. Check it out and you’ll see why it’s a good idea to get yourself a dash cam and some home security if you haven’t already done so. hey, better to be safe that sorry, right?

Video: Idiots In Cars #14

2 comments on “Idiots in Cars Videos Show Why You Need a Dash Cam

  1. Mark Funches

    100% agree, binge watching dash cam clips on youtube is what made me buy a dash cam in the first place. Some people just happen to be rushing to go nowhere quickly. But it’s not just bad drivers, road rage is a huge problem and every time I see a youtube video like this clip (one example out of a million) it makes me remember how much I love having camera proof with me at all times. Typically a poor bystander is the victim. The terrible part of this entire situation is that bad drivers aren’t necessarily the ones who end up getting screwed over by insurance companies. Especially when an event that a catastrophic injury happened.

    1. Mathew Post author

      Hey Mark,
      Thanks for dropping by. Truer words have yet to be spoken. The way some people drive is ridiculous and having a dash cam is a great way to protect yourself and provide proof of what actually occurred in the event of an accident. I agree; it’s typically innocent bystanders or other innocent drivers that end up being the victims of these careless drivers. If these drivers take their time on the road, people won’t lose their loved ones in crazy car accidents.


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