Best Dual Dash Cam for Night Vision: Top 4

If you are looking for the best dual dash cam for night vision, then you should definitely consider these options. Even though there are less cars on the road at night, driving at night is more risky than driving during the daytime. At night you have to deal with blinding headlights from other vehicles, dimly lit roads, as well as drunk and fatigued drivers. Considering those factors, it sort of makes you think twice about going out at night. Doesn’t it?

Added to that, at night your visibility decreases and that’s not just a matter of dimly lit roadways. Your vision at night is more shades of gray as opposed to color. That means you don’t see the same lush colors at night as you do during the day. So that “inability” to see clearly at night, can make things a bit more dangerous, while you are behind the wheel. Even so, getting yourself a pair of night driving anti-glare glasses could be very helpful.

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), “you are three times more likely to have a fatal accident at night than during the day.” If you live in a rural area, the accident rate is even higher during the night as opposed to the daytime.

Given the situation, it makes sense to have your very own wheel witness in the event that you get into a fender bender with someone else. So check out a few of the more popular and best dual dash cams for night vision.

Best Dual Dash Cam for Night Vision

Well, you’ve got some pretty good choices when it comes to dual dash cams with great night vision and among the choices are some popular brands. The table below provides a quick summary of the features of each dash cam. The VAVA dual dash is highly recommended but GPS is optional with this dash cam.

Vantrue N2 ProCrosstour CR900Rexing V1P Pro Dual VAVA Dual
Wide AngleFront 170° + Rear 140°170° + 170°170° + 170°Front 155° + Rear 126°
Screen1.5 Inch3 Inch Screen 2.4" LCD Screen360° Swivel Angel
ApertureF/1.8+ F/2.0F 1.8OV4689 Image SensorF/1.8 + F/2.0
Camera TypeFront + InsideFront + RearFront + RearFront + Rear
Other FeaturesGPS optionalGPS IncludedBuilt-in GPS, WiFi & AppGPS optional, Wi-Fi & App
SD CardUp to 256GB MicroSD CardSupport 128GBup to 256GBSupport 128GB Max
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1. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

Definitely should be considered. This is not just for Uber drivers, and is designed in such a manner as to allow drivers to clearly see what’s going on in the front, as well as inside their vehicle. Even though the Vantrue N2 offers front and cabin views, you still get a good enough view of what’s happening in the rear of your vehicle. See the full review.

2. Crosstour CR 900 Dual Dash Cam

The Crosstour brand is pretty popular as well. This front and rear dash cam comes with external GPS, 170°Wide Angle, and a 3 Inch Screen. It supports a 128GB SD card and it comes with motion detection, G-Sensor, and loop recording.

This is perfect for an Uber/Taxi driver or anyone who wants to record both the scenery and happy times with your family. The built-in GPS saves you having to buy any extra expensive GPS and allows you to record driving information like speed, and longitude and latitude. That means you’ll have the exact location of where your fender bender occurred, should you ever get into one.

Best Dual Dash Cam for Night Vision - Crosstour CR 900

Features At a Glance

  • 2.4″ Screen
  • Front & Inside Camera
  • 1080P Front and 720P Inside
  • G-Sensor
  • Built-in GPS
  • Super Night Vision
  • 24-Hour Parking Monitor

Since this dash cam is made with Uber/Taxi drivers in mind, you can be assured that is also a good night vision dash cam. It uses 4 infrared lights that adjusts the brightness if you are in an overly dark environment. So if you are an Uber/Taxi driver and you drive frequently at night, then the Crosstour CR 900 Dual dash cam is a good choice as well.

Even though it captures front and inside, you’ll still get some footage of what’s happening at the rear of your vehicle. It all depends on how you set the camera as well. The inside lens camera comes equipped with the advanced Sony sensor.

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This dash cam is also excellent for audio recording as well. It has a built-in microphone and can definitely provide proof if someone damages your car, even while it’s parked.

3. The Rexing V1 Pro

The Rexing V1 Pro is also worthy of consideration when it comes to the best dual dash cam for night vision. Each camera is deigned to fine-rune the exposure so they perform optimally in low-light environments. It has built-in GPS, as well as Wi-Fi, so you can view your dash cam recordings on your mobile device, withe the help of an app interface.

Best Dual Dash Cam for Night Vision - Rexing V1 Pro
Rexing V1 Pro Dual Dash Cam

This dusll dash cam has a supercapacitor as opposed to a lithium-ion battery, so it enhances the temperature resistance to hot and cold climates.

4. VAVA Dual Dash Cam

The VAVA dual dash cam is definitely our top choice. This night vision dash cam has a nice sleek and compact design and the camera can swivel up to 360 degrees to capture footage inside, as well as outside the vehicle.

The video quality on this dash cam is pretty impressive. This dash cam utilizes the advanced Sony IMX307 sensor and has F1.8 6 glass lens. This all work together to enhance the dash cam’s nigh vision inside the car as well as in exterior low light conditions. So it makes your driving more safer at night.

Additionally, it comes with image signal processing (ISP) technology, that allows for clear recording of video, day or night.

Features At a Glance

  • Front and Rear dash camera
  • View: Front (155°) and Rear (126°)
  • 360° Swivel Angel
  • Parking Mode
  • Night Vision
  • G-sensor, Wi-Fi and App
  • Snapshot button

The Wi-Fi works with the VAVA Dash APP that you can easily access on Google or APP store. You can use the Wi-Fi and the APP to configure, live stream, playback, download or share your videos on social media. Seamless loop recording is automatically activated when you start the vehicle’s engine. With the auto looping function, your videos can be saved in 1, 2, or 3 -minute segments.

Use the snapshot button to take a quick photo or record a 20 second video. For easy access, these snapshots and videos are automatically stored in a separate folder on the SD card. This dash cam does not come with GPS. However, you can add the VAVA’s GPS module.

Wrap Up

That’s our list of dual dash cams that can provide the best night vision imagery. We definitely recommend the VAVA dual dash. However, the other three are pretty popular as well.

The fact that you are likely to have an accident during the night than the day, means that you should definitely have some protection. At night, it just might be a bit more difficult to determine who was at fault in an accident, or what actually occurred. A dual dash cam provides that evidence and is an unbiased wheel witness. So make sure to protect yourself.

Hey, be sure to let us know if you have a favorite.

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