What is a Dual Dash Cam: Why It Should Be Your Next Tech Purchase

Hi and welcome! In this article we address, what is a dual dash cam and hopefully you’ll see why it should be your next tech purchase. Now you might be thinking that a dashboard camera is just another car accessory. But it’s certainly more than that.

We often take it for granted, but driving is a dangerous activity. Dash cams are not merely car accessories to enhance the value of your vehicle. There are numerous advantages to having a dash cam, one of which includes saving you money in more ways than one.

While there are different types of dash cams, a dual dash cam is much better to have in your vehicle. That’s not to say that single dash cams are not effective. But keep in mind that accidents do not just happen in front of you. Rear-end accidents are pretty popular. So let’s check out what this type of dashboard camera is all about.

What is a Dual Dash Cam

In brief a dash cam is a video camera that captures or records your journey while you are driving on the road. It also captures video when your car is in park mode as well and there are different types.

The types of dash cams include single and dual. A single dash cam is uses one camera to provide video footage of the roadway in front of you. This dash cam can be mounted on your dashboard or front windshield so that you have a wide view of what’s going on ahead of you. However, not all dashboard cameras have the same wide angle view, as it varies.

While you get only one video recording camera with the single dash cam, with a dual dash cam you get two (2) cameras; one for the front and the other for the back. So once camera captures footage of the roadway ahead of you, while the second captures video of what’s happening at the rear of your vehicle.

You can also get a dual dash cam that provides a front and cabin/interior view as well. This type is perfect for Lfyt, Uber, Taxi drivers, as well as individuals who travel with children on a regular basis. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your passengers during the journey. Especially if they are small children.

The added advantage of the front and cabin or interior view is that you still get to see some of what’s happening on the roadway behind you. Now you won’t get the full view of the roadway behind you, but just enough to provide the right evidence, in case you ever get rear ended.

360 Degree Dash Cams

Now a dual dash cam won’t give you a 360 degree view of the roadway, but it covers a wide berth. For example, the front camera can offer 170 degree view, while the rear may offer the same 170 or less. However, a 360 degree dash cam provides a full view.

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It functions the same way a dual dash cam functions but with a few differences. It’s one camera, as oppose to two (2) and it captures video footage of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The Razo DC3000A d’Action is a 360 degree dash cam.

Advantages of a Dual Dash Cam

Clearly there are advantages to having a dash cam in your vehicle and more so a dual one. In case you did not know, rear-end accidents are the most frequent types of collisions to occur on the road. According to one Law Firm, “nearly 2.5 million rear end collisions are reported in the United States every year and are responsible for 28% of all crashes – making this type of collision the most common type of crash.”

While there are various reasons why these crashes may occur, distracted driving is right up there. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that because it’s a rear-end collision, you won’t be seriously injured. That could not be further fro the truth.

Possible Damage Rear-End Collision

The possible damage from a rear-end collision is in no way limited to your car. Rear-end collisions can result in:

  • spinal injuries
  • brain injuries
  • whiplash
  • back and neck injuries
  • and a host of other injuries

Having to deal with these kind of injuries can cost a pretty penny. So wouldn’t you want the individual who caused the accident to be held responsible? Of course! Having evidence as to who caused the accident, can help you prove your case.

Evidence plays a crucial role in determining who is at fault in any accident and a dash cam provides that much needed evidence. Listen, some people drive like idiots on the road. So why not save yourself the hassle. Get your self a dual dash cam and protect yourself.

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