FalconEye Dash Cams: Truckers Need Protection On The Road Too

If you are a truck driver looking for a dash cam, then FalconEye dash cams are a great choice. Hey, truckers need protection on the road too, right? The fact that you are driving a truck does not mean that you are immuned from the craziness that some people do on the road. Especially the people who think it’s a good idea to brake check someone driving a truck. The insanity of some people. Just check out the video below and you’ll see what I mean.

As a truck driver, having a FalconEye dash cam in your truck is a great way to protect yourself from that kind of crazy as well as fraudulent insurance claims. In this article you’ll learn about FalconEye Electronics, and how they can help you as a truck driver or fleet manager to protect yourself or your drivers, while on the road.

About FalconEye Electronics

Falcon Electronics or FalconEye Electronics are the people who design FalconEye dash cams. Because of their experience in the trucking industry, they understand the challenges that you may encounter while you carry out your job on a daily basis.

FalconEye Electronics design dash cams with the trucker driver and fleet manager in mind. As a trucker it’s obvious that you’ve got a bit more challenges to deal with while on the road. So having a dash cam is a great way to protect yourself from some of these challenges.

Operated by a team of professionals and customer service reps, the people at FalconEye Electronics know exactly what they are doing. With over 40 years of experience in the truck driving industry, you can be confident that they understand your job as a trucker, as well as your fleet trucking company. They know what’s important to the driver, fleet, as well as the safety manager.

Even though they are located in the great state of Texas, they wok with truckers and fleets all over the USA, Canada, as well as other countries. But you can also check out the website at https://www.dashcam.co/ to see all that they offer.

Your orders are shipped out the same day and they don’t skimp on the customer service. So if you are looking for the BEST selection of dash cameras for your truck or fleet, then FalconEye should definitely be at the top of your list.

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FalconEye Dash Cams – Options

The challenges of being a truck driver are many. Sometimes you need directions, help reversing your rig into a small space, and a number of other issues, not to mention insurance. FalconEye offers several different dash cams that are designed specifically the meet the needs of truck drivers and fleets. Options include:

  • Single front facing cams
  • 2 Camera dash cams
  • 4 Camera dash cams
  • Trucker noise canceling headset
  • And much more
FalconEye 4G dual dash cam with live streaming, Wi-Fi and GPS
FalconEye 4G Dual Dash Cam with Live Streaming, WiFi, GP

The above dash cam is just one of the many being offered by FalconEye electronics. It’s a dual dash cam that has Wi-Fi, GPS as well as live streaming and comes with a 3-year warranty. You can also get them on Amazon as well. Just look for Falcon Electronics dash cam on Amazon.

YouTube FalconEye

Fleet Trucking Camera Systems

As we mentioned, FalconEye Electronics works with trucking fleets as well. So if you are looking for the right camera system solution for your trucking fleet, then look no further. As a fleet trucking camera specialists for over 10 years, you can be assured that you will be provided with the right camera system.

Whether it’s a simple forward-facing single dash cam or their most current technologies such as their live-streaming multi-camera systems, FalconEye has you covered.

FalconEye Electronics Customers

Just so that you feel reassured, below is a few of the customers that FalconEye Electronics has worked with over the years. Of course this is by no means an extensive list. But I am sure that you probably recognize a few names on this short list.

Abatti Companies Bennet Transportation FlexSteel Priority Towing
ADD Trucking Bryan Materials Group Georgia Natural Gas RBX Transportation
All American Rigging Cannonball Express Intransit  Container StageCall Transportation
All Crane Christensen Trucking Landstar Summit Agricultural
WJW Associates

These are just a few of the customers that they’ve helped to improve fleet safety and more importantly decrease overall costs.

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How FalconEye Electronics Can Help You

It’s all about getting the right dash cam to fit your needs as well as the best service. But check out all the ways in ehich FalconEye Electronics can help you in the following ways:

  • Save money on your insurance premiums
  • Help drivers improve their overall safety with camera systems
  • Select the best camera system that fits your need; you’ve got more that 20+ options!
  • Save money on fleet volume discounts
  • Offer you the best prices on industry comparable products
  • Great pre and post customer and technical service
  • 100% money back guarantee on all their products
  • No monthly fees

On a budget? Well, being experts in their field, they’ll also help you choose the right system at a price that works for your budget. As a safety or fleet manager, you can use FalconEye’s live streaming multi-camera systems to remotely view the cameras from any vehicle in your fleet.

You can view in real time or past videos, on any device; smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. For example, texting while driving can be an issue and you never know what you might discover. You can also receive critical alerts. If there is an accident, hard braking event, or a trucker is going over speed, you’ll be notified. You’ll even get geofencing notifications.

FalconEye Live Streaming Multi-camera Systems for Fleets

For fleets, FalconEye Electronics offers 2 great live streaming multi-camera systems.

  • LIVE EYE I: This is an entry level or 2 1080P camera live streaming system with 4G, GPS, Wi-Fi and much more.
  • LIVE EYE II: This is a 3-8 108P multi-camera live streaming system with 4G, GPS, WIFI and Up to 8 Cameras. 

You can also access financing with Falcon Electronics’ buy now pay later plan.

FalconEye Dash Cams Financing

If you need a flexible payment option at checkout, Falcon Electronics can help you with that as well. That means you can buy whatever you want, have it shipped and spread the cost of your purchase over time. FalconEye Electronics partners with Klarna (financing partner) so you can access convenient, and stress-free payment options. It’s easy and safe to use and Klarna’s buyer protection plan covers you.

You’ve got two (2) financing options to choose from:

  1. The Slice it financing option
  2. The 4 payments option

With the slice it option you’ll have to be approved, so a credit check would be necessary. That means a good credit history is a must with this option. In addition to which, you’ll have to pay interest on your purchase. Of course the amount of interest to be paid would depend on the length of your repayment plan.

The second option is the most popular one with FalconEye Electronics customers. If you elect to use the second option then you don’t need to have a credit check. In addition to which, there are no fees or interest with this option. All you need to do is pay for your selected product over 4 payments.

Once approved, you pay 25% upfront, 25% in 2 weeks, 25% in 4 weeks and the final 25% in 6 weeks. All you need is a valid credit card to access this option.

Even if you did not get through with the first payment option, you can choose the second alternative. So FalconEye Electronics makes it easy for you to meet your dash cam needs.

FalconEye Best Selling Dash Cameras

The following are among the best selling dash cams at Falcon Electronics. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it’s just to give you some insight in terms of what’s available to you.

  • Pinnacle 4K dash cam with GPS, Wi-Fi, 4″ LCD
  • The multi-camera heavy duty dash cam for truckers
  • Eagle eye triple cam which records 3 viewpoints (4th optional)
  • Wireless 4 channel dash cam (heavy duty)
  • Live streaming with Wi-Fi and GPS
  • And much, much more

So if you are a trucker of fleet manager, looking to safeguard yourself and your fleet, while on the job, then you definitely need to check out these FalconEye dash cams. These dash cams are specifically designed for truckers and fleets of any kind.

FalconEye 2nd Generation dash cam
FalconEye 2nd Generation 1080P Trucker Dash Cam

For example, apart from all the necessary features, the Pinnacle dual dash cam comes with Wi-Fi, GPS, anti-theft option, as well as lane departure and front collision warning system. This warning system can help you avoid veering form your lane, alert you if you getting to close to another vehicle, as well as accidents.

FalconEye dash cams are also easy to install and operate and they come ready to use right out of the box.

Wrap Up

Truth be told, you can buy your dash cam anywhere really. But who better to get your dash cam from than the people who understand your needs and are familiar with your challenges? Given their expertise in the trucking industry, you can be confident that you are making the right choice when it comes to FalconEye dash cams.

If you are a fleet manager, then get a free quote, or free sample and much much more. They’ve got the best selection of cameras in the USA, they offer competitive pricing and you’ve got a money back guarantee. Why not trust the people who know your challenges and can help you meet them.


2 thoughts on “FalconEye Dash Cams: Truckers Need Protection On The Road Too”

  1. DO NOT BUY! If you’re not a fleet I assume they don’t care about your business. We bought this set up and had it replaced 4 times in 4 months! When the 4th unit STILL wasn’t working they wanted us to exchange it again. I asked for my money back and was refused. My options were to take a 5th unit or pay an additional $154 for a different system. Those are not acceptable choices. We were patient the first 4 times. Running back to the store is near impossible as a trucker and shipping it back and waiting for a return is a long process when you’re on the road 6 – 8 weeks at a time. 4 units in 4 months was more than a reasonable amount of chances and a lot of time spent going out of our way to get replacement units. So I’m out $400 for a unit that doesn’t work.

    I’ll also note that they refused to post my review on the products page and they don’t allow reviews on their social media. If you look at the reviews on the product page you’ll notice names, reviews, and headlines reused repeatedly.

    1. Hey Heather

      Sorry to hear about your experience. Wow 4 units that did not work properly, that sounds like a manufacturing defect which happens, from time to time, since every product created isn’t always up to standard, for whatever reason. Hey who knows, the fifth time may have been the charm.

      While I understand your frustration of having to go out of your way time and time again, you should not add losing your $400 to that. The great part about it is that the folks at FalconEye were willing to work with you until hey got it right. Perhaps Leekoluu dash cams may be a better option for you.

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