Battery Jump Starter: 4 Reasons Why a Portable one is Better

If you are looking to get yourself a battery jump starter, then it makes more sense to get yourself a portable one. Let’s face it. Car batteries don’t last forever and your vehicle’s battery could die at any time without warning. So that’s the obvious reason why you should get yourself a car battery jump starter. But there are other important reasons why you should get yourself a portable one.

What is a Portable Battery Jump Starter?

Portable battery jump starters are lithium devices that store enough power to charge your battery so that you can start your car. You just never know when your vehicle’s battery might die on you. When you think about it, having a portable battery jump starter can save you time and money. Apart from that, it just makes sense.

While there is a warranty on the battery, sometimes they last longer or even shorter than the warranty period. But the thing is you just never know when they are about die. Even though your check battery light may come on as an indicator that something is wrong. The battery may not necessarily be the problem, as there are several reasons why your check battery light may come on.

4 Reasons Why a Portable Battery Jump Starter is Better (Besides the Obvious One)

  1. It’s convenient
  2. Saves you time and money
  3. Keep you and your loved ones safe
  4. A power source to charge your devices in an emergency or anywhere

As an alternate power source, a portable car battery jump starter is one of those ‘must have’ car accessories for anyone who is on the road.


It’s the worst feeling having your vehicle’s battery die en-route to your destination. Been there done that! It was not fun at all. I had to wait for assistance. Worse yet, I was picking up my nephew from school and my two nieces were waiting at another location. A portable battery jump starter would have been great to have at that time. However, because I did not have one at the time, I had to do it the old fashion way; wait for assistance then use jump cables. Lesson learned!

Car battery jump starter cables

With a portable battery jump starter, all you need to do is attach the alligator clips to the terminal clamps of your vehicle’s battery, turn it on, and start your vehicle. It’s self-sufficient and you don’t need to call or wait on anyone. You’re back on the road in no time at all.

If you’ve used jump cables before, then you know you need to wait for a kind Samaritan to come along who would be willing to stop and help you out. Having a portable battery jump starter allows you to jump start your battery yourself.

Save time and money

You can always call roadside assistance. However, that’s an extra cost to you. But a portable battery jump starter is way cheaper and much more convenient in the long term. It also saves you the time you’d have to wait for your assistance to get there.

Sometimes you want to take off for a while, you know go fishing, on vacation, or just be somewhere else for a little rest and relaxation. That could often mean that your car won’t be started for a while. In a case like that, you could experience difficulty starting your car, simply because of the battery. So all you need to do is use your portable battery starter to charge your battery and start your vehicle. That’s it!


Imagine it’s the peak of summer or winter time and you or your loved ones are stranded by the side of the road because your vehicle battery died. How quickly would you want to be back on the road, or your loved ones for that matter? If you are a female and you are constantly on the road, then it’s handy to have one of these with you. If you have teenagers who drive, you certainly don’t want them to be stranded on the roadside due to a dead battery.

Being able to quickly charge your battery and start your car, can mean keeping you ass well as your loved ones safe. There are all sorts of characters on the road these days, so you can’t afford to take too many chances.

Charge your devices

Sometimes you can find yourself in a precarious position, only to realize that you don’t have an outlet to plug in your cell phone or other smart device. Yes, sometimes we forget to charge our cell phones and only realize the error of our ways when we need to use it.

In my situation, I had to call someone else to pick up my nieces. Now imagine having a dead car battery and a dying or dead cell phone. Yikes! That’s not a good scene at all. A portable battery jump starter can save the day. You can charge your battery and be on your way while your phone is charging.

Mobile phone with a dying battery

These little gadgets also come in handy if you experience a power outage for a few days and you need to charge your devices. Now having a portable cell phone charger is great. But it won’t start your car battery.

Clearly, having a portable battery jump starter is like having a safety net. So apart from the obvious reason of charging your battery, there are other benefits of having a portable battery jump starter. You can save yourself time, avoid frustration, keep loved ones safe, avoid extra cost, and keep your devices charged.

Top 5 Recommendations

It makes sense to get yourself one of the best portable car battery chargers. These are all easy to use and they all give you value for money.

1. GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter

This is one of the best selling car battery jump starters on Amazon. It’s a portable power pack auto battery booster with a phone charger and built-in LED light. The built-in LED light makes it easy to see and has three modes: Flash light, Strobe light and SOS light. So it does not matter the time of day or night, as this vehicle battery jumper can help you in any situation. You can use it on an adventure, outdoor, indoor, emergency, travel, whenever or wherever you need it.

GOOLOO 800A Portable battery jump starter

The GOOLOO is an intelligent jumper clamp that comes with advanced safety technology for protection. It includes five (5) advanced safety technology such as over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, as well as high temperature protection. So you don’t need to worry and that makes it safe for anyone to use.

You can use this to jump start most vehicles (up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine). This jump starter will charge the battery in your car, motorbike, watercraft, ATV, UTV, mower, yacht, snowmobile and more. It has a quick charging 3.0 USB port and is compatible with many USB charging specifications for products and devices. You can also get the cool portable protective travel case to keep your jump starter safely in your vehicle.


2. JUMTOP QDSP 2500A Peak 20800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

The JUMTOP steps it up a bit. You can use this to jump start vehicles up to (8.0L Gas/6.5L Diesel Engine). This auto battery booster and power bank also has a phone charger and comes with dual USB charging port. You can also use it as an LED flashlight as well as SOS lighting for emergency.

JUMTOP portable Battery Jump Starter

This charger is suitable for your truck, motorcycle, boat, RV or tractor, etc. The dual ports allows you to charge two devices simultaneously. You can even use the power bank to charge your laptops, smartphones, cameras and other devices.

It also comes with intelligent protection clamps that provide short circuit protection. So you don’t need to worry about over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, over-voltage or over-temperature.


3. NOCO Boost Pro GB150 4000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

This is a compact yet powerful lithium jump starter. The NOCO is rated at 400 Amps but you can get up to 20 jump starts on a single charge. It’s ultra safe and has mistake-proof design, spark-proof technology as well as reverse polarity protection.

NOCO portable battery jump starter

The included LED flashlight has seven (7) modes: low, medium, high, flashing, strobe emergency SOS and 6 hours of continuous run time. Similar to the GOOLOO and the JUMPTOP, you can use it to recharge your smartphone, tablet, and other USB devices.

You can safely use this to jump start your car battery in seconds. It works with most gasoline engines (up to 4 liters). It’s appropriate for use with motorcycles, ATVs, lawn mowers, cars and more. However, this one is not recommended for use with diesel vehicles.

Even so, you can find a variety of battery jump starters at NOCO. The various categories include: car and sport, car and truck, heavy duty or professional jump starters. So you can definitely find one that would suit your need.


4. AUTOWN Car Jump Starter – 21000mAh 1000A Peak

This is another great battery booster with quick charge. Unlike the NOCO, this works with up to 8.0L Gas, 6.5L Diesel Engine. It’s a portable power pack and jump starter that comes with smart jumper cables and LED light. Use the LED flashlight to easily switch from strobe and SOS flash light.

You can take it outdoors and use it in emergency situations. It’s light weight and compact in size and you can also use it to charge your devices quickly. Jump start your car, truck, SUV and more. The power bank is more than enough to charge your smartphone, tablet, e-watch or whatever else you need to charge.

Built-in protective circuit and features include built-in Anti-Reverse Protection, reverse polarity technology, safety protection for short circuit, over current, over-voltage, over-charge and more.


5. IMAZING Portable Car Jump Starter – 2500A Peak 20000mAH 

This is a portable jump starter power pack! You can use this jump starter to boost your car’s battery as well as other products and equipment. It has a quick charging 3.0 USB port and provides 3 times faster charging speed. It’s compatible with most QC 3.0 USB charging specifications of products and equipment so you can safely charge your smartphone, tablet etc.

Apart from the USB port, it comes with Type C Port (5V/3A) as well as a DC Output (12V/6A). It works with up to 8L Gas or 8L Diesel Engine and it has an instructional guideline LCD display, smart jumper cables, as well as an LED flashlight.

The safety technology features are pretty good as well. The eight (8) safety protection features include: reverse polarity, reverse connection, over-current, overload, over-voltage, over-charge, short circuit, and over-discharge.


Editor’s Pick

Like we said, having a portable battery jump starter is one of those ‘must have’ car accessories. Overall, these are all great choices. Of course the GOOLOO being a best seller gets our top vote. However, you need to consider your vehicle type and what works best for you. For example, the IMAZING has more safety features and the LCD display comes in handy. But it’s for cars as opposed to AUTOWN which can be used with SUVs and trucks etc. So too with the NOCO and the JUMTOP and the GOOLOO.

The GOOLOO comes with three (3) lighting options. On the other hand, the IMAZING works with up to 8L Gas or 8L Diesel Engine. So you definitely need to consider your vehicle type. You may also need to consider your budget in relation to what’s affordable and what’s not. However, it makes sense to have a quality product that would last a long time.

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16 thoughts on “Battery Jump Starter: 4 Reasons Why a Portable one is Better”

  1. Hi, Mathew.
    That was amazing. Being in battery industry from last 10 years I have never heard of this thing but with your article. It was truly Great.
    I did analysis for Cost Vs Feasibility, and Gooloo 800A Peak 18000 m AH won the chart. I would definitely go for it as I would not like to be in adverse situations as mentioned by you. Thanks again.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hey Gaurav
      Portable vehicle battery jump starters are amazing and the thing is they are small and compact so they don’t take up a lot of space in your vehicle. In fact, you just might forget that it’s there. The GOOLOO is the best choice but in some cases people need to watch their budget. However, it always makes sense to get yourself quality as opposed to having to re-purchase a product.

  2. The importance of using a jump starter cannot be over emphasised honestly. It’s true that a battery can die at anytime without a prior warning, so how do one deal with that. It’s very important to have a jump starter. It helped me on a day when I was travelling and I just didn’t know how to deal. Your recommendation seems cool and I wouldn’t mind to replace mine. They really have good capacity and great features too.

    1. Hey John
      I absolutely agree with you that’s important to have yourself a portable battery jump starter in your car. Yes, the features are great and it seems you saved yourself some grief by having one. It’s a great way to keep yourself safe and get back on the road quickly.

  3. Hi Matthew, 

    Just about 2,3 weeks ago, I met the situation. My car didn’t start at all. At first, my subjective was about my car’s battery. It was more annoying since my little sister borrowed my portable battery jump starter before it. Actually, my device was the combination of the normal portable power bank plus the extra function car battery jumper. 

    For my device a few information, the starting current for car jumping battery is 200A and the peak current is 300 A. The whole battery storage device is 8000 mAh. It includes the function of power bank plus the jumping car battery. 

    *sigh* When I needed my portable car jumper for checking my subjective, the device wasn’t with me at the time. I asked my boss to help because my car didn’t start when I parked in the workplace. After a while, we chose to use to cable jump. It took a while for finding the jumping cable. Around three times trying to jump the car battery, my boss conclusion was not about the car battery. 

    Thus, I had no choice to request the towing service. As the towing guy came, the first thing he checked the reason my car didn’t start was about the battery again. 

    If I didn’t remember wrongly, the towing guy used device number 3 in your list. It was fast for his device to charge the voltage in my car battery. 

    However, my car was still not working!

    After checking again, the towing guy conclusion was about my car’s starter! 

    Before, I usually let the device sit in my car all the time because the device is a combination between the power bank and the jumping car battery. Now… I need to find the new one because my device is broken after my little sister returns… Somehow I don’t know -.- 

    I will check farther with the number 3 device in your list because I see the towing guy uses it once before 🙂 

    1. Hi Gnekoda
      It seems like you need to have more than one of these portable battery jump starters around; you can have your own an your sister can have hers. That way in event of an emergency each person has access to their own when needed. The great thing is that these jump starters are very affordable and anyone of our recommendations get the job done. NOCO Boost Pro GB150 is also a great choice and there are lots of options to choose from depending on your vehicle type.

  4. My friends and I had the same difficult situation a decade ago. We were travelling for a vacation when the car battery died. The sad part was that we’re in the middle of nowhere at 4am. It was difficult for us since we’re travelling to a far away province where cellphone signal is weak. We had to divide our groups into 2. The others would seek for help among the neighboring town and few of us will have to stay in the van just in case random passerby can assist us. It 4 hours to find a car service to check our vehicle and couple of minutes to fix it. 

    I very much agree to this post. A battery jump starter is a necessity especially for long hours of travel. I can’t imagine if it happens to my family that’s why I don’t like to travel without the sun. You have a very good set of recommendation for this product. I am not well informed which is the best but I assume that everything you suggested works well and has good features. Thanks for covering this important and life saving topic. 

    1. Hi Misus
      Wow, that must have been quite an adventure. Four hours to find a car service and a few minutes to fix it. Crazy right? If the battery was the issue, then a portable battery jump starter would have had you all back on the road in minutes. But when we don’t have these tools of safety, it an make dealing with the simplest of situations challenging, to say the least. At least now you can look back on your experience and learn from it or allow others to learn from it.

  5. Wow! Having a battery jumpstarter is definitely a must for every car owner. Having read through this article, all I could think of was the fact that this is a very great initiative because I do not know of the existence if the jump starters before. Most times, I do travel alone even at night and that us risky because sometimes, my battery might run low. Having one of these in the car would serve as an option to get me off any kind of bad situation whatsoever.  The editor’s pick, GOOLOO would be my pick too. Thanks

    1. Hi Ro
      Having a portable car battery jump starter is a must have car accessory for anyone who is on the road, especially if you are constantly on the road at night and driving alone. You just never know when your vehicle battery might die on you as they aren’t built to last forever. The GOOLOO is really fantastic and of course it provides more options for use.

  6. Wow, didn’t know the importance of owning a jump starter till now. My friends have actually told me about it but I didn’t think it was this cool. So I can easily charge my phone and also get my car back on track with a device like this. That’s very chill. Not only that, you have also recommended some of the best sellers out there that one can easily grab. I should try out the gooloo since that’s your recommendation plus it has some features the others don’t have. Thanks for this valuable post.

    1. Hi Henderson
      It’s very cool and your friends have been giving you good advice. It’s not just charging your vehicle’s battery but you can also us your portable battery jump starter to charge your other devices, apart from your phone. So it’s worth it and to anyone’s advantage to have this little gadget and the GOOLOO is definitely worth it!

  7. Thank you so much for your article. I recently had my car battery die and it took forever for my husband to get to my location to jump me off. I do NOT like allowing strangers to know that I need help… I am funny that way. Once I got home, I did begin my search for a portable car battery. I am thrilled that I found your review. This is an essential item to have for EVERY female that rides the roads. I am going to look at your recommended ones again and will let you know which one I choose! Thanks again for addressing such an often over-looked, but very important topic!

    1. These days you definitely need to be careful about who you allow to help you, as you just never know. But thank God there are still some kind people out there. However, sometimes waiting for help can be equally stressful, so having a portable car battery jumps starter is definitely an essential item for females as well as anyone who is on the road. You definitely don’t want to be stranded and all alone on the road at any time.

  8. Wow, what a nifty idea. I never even realised that portable battery jump starters actually existed until I came across this website. 

    As a woman who often drives places alone, I think this is a worthwhile thing to keep in your car at all times. At least you don’t have to ask a stranger for help if your battery does play up. And wow, I see it also charges your cell phone. With all the power cuts we have here lately this is almost a necessity to have for your car and. your house.

    The best part is the ones you show on this article look very women friendly for the non mechanically minded.

    1. Portable car battery jump starters are great for anyone especially so if drive alone and you are not mechanically inclined. It’s definitely one of the car accessories you want to have with you at all times. Our recommendations are all easy to use by anyone so you definitely don’t have to wait on a stranger to help you out if your vehicle battery dies on you.

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