THINKWARE Rear View Camera Review

THINKWARE rear View Camera works with the Q800PRO/F800PRO/F800 Dash Cam. It’s the ultimate surveillance package. This rear view dash cam provides additional coverage for your vehicle. Use it to capture any potential rear-end fender bender as well as highway tailgaters. It records at the same 1080p video quality as the front dash cam. If you are looking for great video quality from the back of your vehicle, then this dash cam delivers.

Equipped with the Sony Exmor Starvis CMOS sensor, this dash cam delivers supreme performance in low light conditions. It comes with great noise control and clarity and its small size is designed with discreteness and clean installation in mind,

THINKWARE Rear View Camera Review

This Thinkware rear view camera is great for Uber, Lyft, Car, Taxi, and even Rideshare drivers.

This dash cam is to be used with a front cam and is compatible with THINKWARE F800/F800PRO Dash Cams. With the 140 degree angle, it captures a wide coverage of the road. When combined with a hardwired main unit, the F800R can capture motion and impact incidents during parking mode to provide a front and rear coverage.

Product Features

  • Full HD 1080p
  • Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor
  • 140° viewing angle
  • Motion and Impact Detection
  • Secure 3M adhesive tape for quick Installation
  • Connecting cable is 24.6 feet (7.5 meters) long

Ultimate Surveillance Package includes

The Rear View Camera works when attached to a front facing Thinkware F800, F800 PRO dash or the Q800PRO. Add it to the appropriate front dash cam for the ultimate surveillance package. You can hardwire it to get recordings even when your vehicle is parked.

Clear as Day

Once connected, you get simultaneous capture of front-and-rear view from your vehicle. Added to that, it records with the same premium quality, thanks to the Sony Exmor STARVIS CMOS Sensor. As a result, it delivers crisp, detailed visuals in day and night driving conditions.

This rear view dash cam delivers crucial clarity and exposure in extreme low-light conditions, while suppressing noise. So you can be assured of peace of mind whether it is day or night.


The Motion and Impact Detection features carries over from the main dash cam unit. Once the parking surveillance feature is enabled (by the optional hardwiring installation for the main unit) the camera monitors and records simultaneously with the front unit. Capturing ay incidents that may occur to your vehicle while it is parked. Using the dedicated software, the front-and-rear footage can also be viewed simultaneously.

Secure 3M Adhesive Tape

Allows for quick installation on the rear windshield, so you’ve got an easy setup.

What’s In The Package:

  • Thinkware F800R
  • Rear View Camera Cable
  • Instruction Manual

It also comes with a one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty.

So if you are looking for full front and rear coverage for your vehicle, then add this Thinkware rear view camera to your arsenal. It provides great quality at a great price.

Customer Rating by Feature:

  • Easy to install 4.7
  • Camera Quality 4.7
  • Picture Quality 4.6
  • Night Vision 4.6

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