Dash Cam Captures 18-wheeler Causing Chain Reaction Crash

Watch this! Dash Cam captures 18-wheeler causing chain reaction crash. Traffic accidents are avoidable, but stupid is everywhere! While driving on the road, one thing is clear; you definitely need to be aware of what’s going on around you.

Patience is so important while you are driving on the road, because other people do stupid things. The roadway is no place to become angry and try to use your vehicle as a weapon.

While you might be focused on doing the best job of driving to your destination, there are others on the road, who don’t really care, as demonstrated by the driver of this 18-wheeler. It’s easy to see the driver of the 18-wheeler come out of his lane and hit the car driving in the lane beside him.

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Doing this caused the driver of the car to lose control of his/her vehicle and unfortunately, crash into another unsuspecting vehicle. The impact of which, caused this unsuspecting vehicle to roll over several times.

Of course the driver of the 18-wheeler does not hang around to survey his handy work. Rather the driver accelerates after hitting the car, fleeing the scene of the accident. This one stupid decision has possible lifelong consequences, for the individuals involved in this accident.

Clearly the driver of the 18-wheeler probably thought that no one captured his bad behavior. But thankfully, the driver behind had a dash cam and captured it all. Hopefully, this driver has been caught and is about to face the consequences for that particular action.

Watch: Dash Cam Captures 18-wheeler Causing Chain Reaction Crash

Video Source: ABC13 Houston

Road accidents are preventable but clearly, it seems like stupid is everywhere! That’s why it’s important to always try and let good sense prevail, especially while you are on the road.

All we can do is caution you to be careful on the road and be sure to protect yourself from drivers like these. If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine how much more a video shows.

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