Crosstour 1080P Dash Cam Review

Hi, and welcome to our Crosstour 1080P dash cam review. This Crosstour, the CR300 is a single dash cam and is an absolute budget buy. It’s your basic dash cam and comes with a 3″ LCD Screen, 170°Wide Angle, WDR, G-Sensor, as well as loop recording and motion detection. So it’s your basic dash cam and it comes with a very reasonable price tag.

Crosstour 1080P Car Dash Cam Review

Product name: Crosstour CR300

As previously stated, the Crosstour CR300 1080P dash cam comes with all the basic functions you need for a dash cam, so it covers what you need for daily driving. The 3″ screen allows you to clearly see the details during playback and as a result gives you a better visual experience.

Crosstour 1080P Dash Cam Review - CR300

Features at a glance

  • 3″ Screen
  • 170° Wide angle
  • 6G Lens Car camera
  • Big Aperture and WDR technology
  • Built-in G-sensor
  • Loop recording


Similar to the APEMAN 1080P dash cam, the Crosstour is a single front camera with 170 degree wide angle. So you can have a visual of four lanes of traffic. This dash cam also gives you better light transmission, as it has a 6 glass fixed-focus so your videos are clearly recorded, even in low light areas. This feature plus the wide dynamic range (WDR) comes in handy, especially while you are driving at night.

It’s also easy to use and comes with all the functions you need for daily driving. The other important functions include: “motion detection, on/off audio, license plate stamp, time stamp, auto power off, screen saver, burst photo. The Crosstour CR300 is an absolute budget buy as well as a good performer.

If you are looking for Wi-Fi and GPS, this is not the dash cam for you. This is just your basic dash cam that does what it was designed to do.

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Warm Tips

  1. A class 10, 32GB max SDHC card is suggested for use with this dash cam.
  2. Format the card in your computer as well as the dash cam before use
  3. The dash cam’s built-in battery is for emergency file back up only and external power is required for operation of the device.

Package Contents

  • 1 Crosstour CR 300 dash cam
  • USB Cable
  • 1x Suction Mount
  • 1x 3M Sticker Mount
  • Car Charger
  • User Manual

Editor’s Note

The life of the built-in battery could be improved, but overall, this is a neat little dash cam that certainly would not cost you an arm and a leg. In addition to which, the Crosstour CR300 fits any budget and has just as good ratings from Amazon customers as some other more popular dash cams.

2 thoughts on “Crosstour 1080P Dash Cam Review”

  1. Michael T Nodley

    My dash cam 300 will not come on when starting my truck. I have to physically turn it on. Cam 300 will stay on for 5 minutes but then turns off.
    I thought that once turned on , the cam would continue to play until the truck was turned off.
    Aren’t all cams supposed to remain on when the vehicle is started, then off when the vehicle is turned off?
    Please advise…. Thank You….

    1. Hi Michael,
      Yes, the dash cam should stay on.
      According to the manual you can operate the dash cam automatically as well as manually.
      With auto power on/off: It automatically powers on and starts recording when the car is
      on. And stops recording, saves the video and power off when the car is off.

      Manual operation when no car charger is inserted; then you have to manually switch on/off.

      Manual operation would be if the dash cam is not connected to the vehicle’s car cigarette lighter with the car charging cable.
      If however, the dash cam is properly installed and it is not staying on, you may want to check with the manufacturer, as this could be an issue with the product. You may also want to check the settings on the dash cam; not sure why it’s shutting off every five minutes.

      Manufacturer suggestions:
      The cam often shut down or cannot connect to the power supply
      A: The interior design varies from car to car. Please adjust the rotation angel of
      the vehicle power adaptor properly, and ensure the stable link between the power
      supply and machine.
      B: The built-in battery of the machine can only last for 10-15 minutes. When you
      use it, please connect it to the power supply.
      C: Check if there is any damage to the power lead so as to ensure the power
      supply of the machine.
      D: If the cam can’ t be used in the car, try to connect the cam to other power
      source to see whether the power supply of the car cigar lighter is normal

      If these options don’t solve your issue, then you definitely want to liaise with the manufacturer.
      I hope this information helps.

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