Electric Vehicles Sale: The Dark Side to Going Green

Electric vehicle sales have been increasing. While some people may think that these electric vehicles are the best thing since slice bread, there is an unknown dark side.

The best electric vehicles for sale carry this stigma. It appears that “going green” with the sale of electric cars has hidden aspects and a rather dark side. The manufacturing of these electric cars has resulted in the deaths of people even before these cars hit the road.

While electric vehicles may be touted as better for the environment, the question here is, are these electric vehicles really clean? The video below suggests that these vehicles have “miles to go before being claimed as being clean.”

Electric Vehicles Sale: The Dark Side to Going Green

Unfortunately, most people rarely do research into how products are made. The majority often simply purchase a product as recommended. That’s understandable.

It stems to reason that purchasing something good for the environment would be a good thing o do. However, while it’s all the rage that electric vehicles are better for the environment, some people are worse off simply trying to help accomplish this feat.

According to Gravitas Plus, these electric vehicles run on “dirty energy and the blood of children as young as six years old.”

It is reported that manufacturing these electric vehicles “drive human rights abuse, as well as child labor”, and China is painted as one of the villains in this horror story, along with electric car makers.

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The video below reveals the harsh reality that many Congolese children live in; a country rich in minerals, gold, coltan, diamonds, etc.

It is clear that this situation is all about profits before people.

However, the fact that this change is coming at the expense of human life does not seem to be that important to the relevant authorities.

Check out the video below, you’ll see what we mean.

The presenter provides a no-nonsense approach to this global issue with an in-depth analysis. Hear from a journalist who is neutral and non-partisan when it comes to serious issues.

Are Electric Vehicles really clean? Watch the video below.

Video: Gravitas Plus: The Dark Side of Electric Vehicles

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