Midtown Honda Ding and Dent Warranty Review: Worth It?

Midtown Honda ding and dent warranty review: Is it worth it? That’s the question we’ll focus on in this review. Of course, you need to decide if spending that extra money upfront to keep your Honda vehicle looking spanking brand new is worth it. So let’s get on with it.

Midtown Honda is a car dealership in Toronto, Canada. They’ve got numerous branches, and they’ve been around since 1972, and from the reviews, it seems their customers are satisfied with the service they receive.

They offer Honda vehicles, new and used as well as other makes of cars for sale.

Additionally, they have a diverse staff serving a diverse customer base. Their staff members are “fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Farsi and Arabic.”

But let’s check out the Ding and Dent Warranty they offer you when you purchase from them.

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My Friend’s Experience

Warranties are great to have. But are they necessary for everything?

My inspiration for this article comes from someone I know who purchased a Honda vehicle from Midtown Honda and paid for the Ding and Dent Warranty.

It wasn’t cheap, and the warranty is for seven (7) years.

The thing about it is that we often forget the read the fine print when we buy things like warranties and the like.

Overall, my friend was pretty happy with his purchase. Then it happened. He got a dent!

Someone backed into his Honda vehicle and damaged the bumper.

Of course, he thinks he’s got a warranty to cover the damage. Only to learn that that’s not the case. The warranty did not cover his dent. Oops.

Well, he was not pleased to learn that bit of information. Who would be right? After all, he paid money to cover that sort of thing in case it happened.

Well, this little experience shows how vital reading the fine print is.

Midtown Honda Ding and Dent Warranty

Here’s some essential information to know if you are getting that Honda dent and ding protection.

All dents are not covered!

Check it out. “Honda Dent and Ding Protection will cover you from any accidental damage resulting in minor dents and dings up to 2″ in diameter, if repairable by paintless dent removal process, for up to 7 years.

That’s essential information.

Your ding and dent cannot be more than 2″ in size.

Added to that, your dings or dents should not require paint. Once your dings and dents exceed 2″ and paint is needed, they are not covered under the warranty.

Ding and Dent Warranty Worth it?

While having a warranty can save you from the out-of-pocket expense, it is crucial to understand how it works and under what conditions.

But here’s something else to consider.

Now my friend paid CDN $3,000 for this seven (7) year warranty.

I’ve had my vehicle, which is not a Honda, for about seven (7) years. I have two (2) minor dents on it, and no paint is required to repair them. Is that $3,000 worth it?

That’s most likely a question you have to answer for yourself.

Getting those minor dents repaired definitely won’t cost me $3,000. In fact, a DIY paintless dent repair kit won’t even cost me that much.

Most Common Ways Cars get Dinged and Dented

The most common ways cars get dinged and dented are by other car doors, road debris, and hailstorms. Some people have no regard for the property of others, so they open their car doors without even thinking.

When it comes to debris, sticks and stones on the road or from other vehicles can do damage as well. Hailstorms, well you know that goes. In such a case, you just might need that warranty. Who knows?

But like I said, the choice is yours to decide if that Honda ding and dent warranty is worth it once you consider the conditions of its application.

Hey, I hope this simple Midtown Honda ding and dent warranty review was helpful and hey, be careful out there on the road.

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