RC Cars for Adults – 6 Tips For the Best Buy

RC cars for adults – 6 tips for the best buy. If you are looking for the best RC cars for adults, then check out these three tips to make the best purchase choice. if you love racing RC cars, then you know it does not matter if our seven of seventy. All that matters is the fun and excitement.

When you think about it, it’s amazing to see the progress within this particular hobby. Modern hobby cars now entail complex suspension systems and they get to speeds of at least 60 mph. It’s as if they are actually real cars. Go figure. Added to that, there is a wide variety of available vehicles. 

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RC Cars for Adults – Article Summary

Our six (6) tips focus on helping you make the best choice when it comes to purchasing your RC Car, especially if you are a first time buyer. The tips focus on the following:

  1. Ready-to-run vs build your own
  2. On-road vs Off-road
  3. Electric vs nitro powered RC cars
    • Which is faster?
    • What’s better for a beginner?
  4. Features
  5. Maintenance, and
  6. Racing vs fun

So let’s get to it!

RC Cars for Adults – 6 Tips For the Best Buy

Just so you don’t miss out on the fun and excitement of racing your RC car, you want to make sure you buy the right one for you. When buying your radio controlled car, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are six (6) tips to help you make the best buy, when it comes to an RC Car or other vehicle.

1. Ready-to run vehicle or build your own

Consider whether or not you want to get yourself a ready to run RC car or do you want to build it yourself. Of course, the latter requires some skill and the proper tools. The advantages to building your own are easy maintenance and alterations when needed. Hey, you built it so you know what to do.

RC Car for adults on a work stand

However, as a beginner, you may just want to opt for that ready-to-run hobby radio controlled car. Especially if you are looking to get up and running quickly. 

2. On-road or Off-road RC cars

The second consideration is do you want an on-road or off road radio controlled vehicle. 

Selecting on-road means you are looking at using smooth, paved surfaces for your radio controlled vehicle. On-road radio controlled cars are designed more for speed and if you are looking to race your car, then this is the way to go. 

On the other hand, off-road vehicles are not concerned with racing. The focus here relates more to navigating rough terrain, jumps and even obstacle courses. Added to that, you’ve got a wide variety to choose from when it comes of off-road radio controlled vehicles. Choices also include buggies and trucks. 

If you are going with off-road, you may also want to consider waterproof options as well.

3. Electric vs Nitro Power

You should also consider whether you want your vehicle to be powered electrically or via nitro. With electrically powered radio controlled cars, you’ve got the simple option of using and recharging batteries. Clean, quiet fun provided.

However, nitro powered RC cars would give you that real car feel, down to the sound, smoke and exhaust odor. Even so, you still need to consider a few things when it comes to nitro powered RC cars:

  • Which is faster, nitro RC cars or electric?
  • What’s better for a beginner?

Are nitro cars faster than electric?

Well, when it comes to speed, nitro RC cars used to be faster than their electric counterparts. However, electric RC cars are better and faster with innovations like LiPo batteries and brushless motors. Lightweight high quality LiPo batteries are great for speed and power. So, if your intention is to race your RC car electric would be the better option.

Are nitro RC cars good for beginners?

This is an important consideration as well. Due to the fuel being poisonous and flammable, a nitro powered RC car would not the best choice for a beginner, especially if you are buying it for a child. Keep in mind that as small these RC cars might be, there is a level of skill needed to control them.

4. Features

You also want to consider the features you want with your RC car. For example, on-road nitro RC cars do not generally come with a reverse feature option. However, you can get optional reverse options with the off-road trucks. The Traxxas Ford Raptor is a good example.

5. Maintenance

Nitro RC cars require a bit more maintenance that the electric RC cars. So if you are a newbie to this hobby, then this is something you may want to think about. Even so there are quite a number of quality nitro powered cars that provide great performance, that are also safe and reliable. 

6. Racing vs Fun

If you are getting your RC car for racing or competition, then of course you need to consider all the options. However, if it’s just for fun, then you may just want to go with a simple electric/battery powered RC car. When it comes to RC cars for adults, the BEZGAR is actually the top seller.

Now all you need to do is create your check list, check out what’s available and grab yourself one of these bad boys. Then let the games begin! 

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