Custom Vehicle Floor Mats: Selection and Best Buys

Looking for custom vehicle floor mats for your ride? Then check out these simple suggestions that will protect your vehicle from spills and other debris. Having car floor mats in your vehicle is a great way to protect the floor of your vehicle from all the mud, dirt, snow, food, drinks or whatever else might get spilled in your vehicle.

For example, if you transport children in your vehicle, then you know that they can make a mess at times. Not that adults won’t but the risk of a mess happening in your car is higher with children. In a rush, breakfast crumbs may remain or some other bigger spillage.

Now depending on the weather; snow or rain, the floor of your vehicle can become really messy with this sort of excessive moisture. Not to mention the added dirt or other grime that you or your passengers may bring into your vehicle.

Armor All 78840ZN 4-Piece Season Rubber Floor Mat
  • Floor mats keep your car cleaner for longer periods of time and there are a variety of heavy duty floor mats for the front and back of your vehicle.
  • These Amor All mats are great for any vehicle. They’ve got a deeper tread pattern so they hold water, snow, and mud.
  • They also come with carpet claw anti-slip cleats keeps your floor mats in place. These weatherproof car mats are easy to remove and clean, durable, and great value for money.

Armor All 78840ZN 4-Piece Season Rubber Floor Mat. Amazon Customer rating 4.4 out of 5 Stars.

Buying a vehicle is by no means a small expense. So you want to make sure you protect your investment accordingly. Car floor mats are a great way to protect the floor of your vehicle, whether you are driving a car, SUV, truck or what have you.

Custom Vehicle Floor Mats

Custom vehicle floor mats can make a big difference and they can increase the value of your vehicle. To me, a vehicle just looks, well, naked without floor mats; it just looks like something is missing. Now if you are accustomed to seeing no floor mats in your vehicle then it may not make a difference to you.

However, apart from protecting your vehicle from wear and stains, car mats also add a bit of luxury and comfort. In my opinion, car floor mats complete the look in any vehicle. They also make for great car accessory gift ideas as well.

Types of Car Floor Mats

There is a variety of vehicle floor mats existing on the market at the moment. Rubber and carpet car floor covers are popular and easily available. Of course, these mats serve best in various conditions. However, the rubber floor mats seem to be more advantageous. But not just any old rubber mat. You definitely want to make sure you get yourself a good quality floor mat for your car.

But what kind of custom vehicle floor mat should you choose. Should you choose carpet or rubber custom car floor mats? Which is better? Well, it depends.

Carpet vs Rubber Car Floor Mats

It depends on your lifestyle and your preference. The weather can have an impact as well. For example, if where you live you experience snow and or lots of rain, then carpet floor mats may get dirtier easily and hold moisture. If you don’t clean your carpet car floor mat, then you run the risk of allowing harmful microorganisms to grow in your vehicle.

Odor Resistant

When dirt and other spills are added to the moisture that might already be there on your carper mat, that combination could create an odor. Now an air freshener may mask the odor for a time. However, over time, those odors combined may not be that pleasant. You just might end up with a sweet smelling funk, depending on the kind of car air freshener you use. All air fresheners are not created equal.

Protection, Function and Cleaning

On the other hand, rubber floor mats provide better protection and are more economical. They are also more durable, since they are “designed to withstand the elements of harsh climates.” They are also easy to clean, as you can easily wash them. As far as cleaning the carpet vehicle floor mats, a vacuum will get the job done. If however, you don’t have a vacuum, then you might be in for some heavy brushing to get this type of car mat cleaned.

Some vehicle carpet floor mats are made with water absorbent fibers, so that they function better in wet conditions. They are also really great in catching and holding on to whatever dirt you may bring into your vehicle, via your footwear. Some rubber floor mats come with ridges and lines that easily trap dirt and spills.

Pros and Cons of Carpet vs Rubber Car Floor Mats
Carpet Car Floor Mats Rubber Car Floor Mats
Good in catching dirtSusceptible to wear and tareDurable and economicalMost are usually smooth
Extremely reliableMay hold moisture Resistant to water and moisture
Variety of designsMay leave odor Available with ridges and lines
Easy maintenance
Variety of designs

Selecting a Custom Vehicle Floor Mat For Your Vehicle

Carpet vehicle floor mats look really good and you can get a variety of colors to spice things up a bit. Not that rubber vehicle floor mats don’t. But like we said, it all depends on your preference and driving lifestyle.

One of the key factors you want to consider when choosing floor mats for your vehicle, is the mat’s ability to trap dirt and moisture. You also want to consider the mat’s service life. So avoid choosing a mat made from mediocre materials. You also want to select a mat that is easy for you to clean and maintain.

However, regardless of which one you choose, you want to make sure that your vehicle floor mats are securely in place. That way you won’t have to be adjusting them every time you get into your vehicle. You definitely do not want to have to adjust these mats every time you enter your vehicle. You also do not want your vehicle mats riding up under your pedals either.

The Best Custom Floor Mats for Cars

1. BDK Proliner Heavy Duty Rubber Auto Floor Mats

BDK carries quite a selection of rubber mats you can choose from. The Proliner is a great heavy duty mat that is built for protection. It’s built to last through rain, snow, mud, and much more and it will definitely guard against spills, dirt or any sort of debris. This mat has been tested for extreme conditions, and is guaranteed to be long-lasting.

BDK Proliner Heavy Duty Rubber Auto Floor Mats

It comes with rubberized nibs on the bottom so that it stays in place. The ergonomic grooves at the top is designed to give your foot traction and comfort. These mats are also designed for compatibility and they are trim-able (if needed) to fit the floor contours of your vehicle.

The front mats measures 27”x 18” and you want to make sure you check your vehicle’s dimensions before installation. You can easily remove these mats to clean any dirt and spills it collects. Available colors include beige bronze, black, and gray.

Amazon Customer Rating 4 out of 5 Stars.

2. BDK MT614RDAMw1 Metallic Rubber Floor Mats for Car SUV & Truck

Like we said, there are lots of quality BDK vehicle floor mats you can choose from. This is another heavy duty car rubber floor mat but it comes with a metallic top finish. It’s designed with raised edges and broad channels so that it easily traps whatever spills, dirt or mud that might be brought into your vehicle.

BDK metallic rubber Floor Mats for car suv & truck

It also has an anti-slip nib backing, which ensures that this car mat stays firmly in place. Four (4) pieces are included; 2 front (27.75″X19″) and 2 rear(16.5″X19″) and there are other colors available.

Amazon Customer rating 4.6 out of 5 Stars!

3. Husky Liners Rubber Floor Mats

When it comes to Husky rubber floor mats, there are lots of options available as well. Regardless of what you drive, you can find one of these Huky Liners to fit your vehicle. These vehicle floor mats are the perfect balance of softness and strength. They are made from DuraGrip material and they are ‘form-fit’ car floor mats.

Husky Liners Custom Vehicle Floor Mats

These mats are designed with raised edges that run along the door jam, so they have a slightly different design than most vehicle floor mats. Even so, these mats will also protect your truck or SUV from all manner of mess that you or your passengers may bring into your vehicle.

It’s also designed with stay-put cleats to keep the liner firmly in place so that it does not shift around under your foot. Added to that, it also comes with a no hassle lifetime guarantee so you’ve got absolutely no worries here.

Amazon Customer Rating 4.7 out of 5 Stars.

4. Genuine Toyota All-Weather Floor Mat (PT908-03120-20)

These all-weather floor mats are designed to fit the Toyota Camry 4-door Sedan. You can use it to replace or protect your the vehicle’s factory carpet. It has a ribbed channel design and it will also protect against mud, embedded sand, soils and stains. These mats come in a set of four (4) and cleaning is as easy as wiping it. Now, if that’s not an easy clean, then we don’t know what is.

Genuine Toyota All-Weather vehicle Floor Mat

Amazon Customer Rating 4.4 out of 5 Stars

5. Motor Trend FlexTough Advanced Performance Rubber Floor Mats

The Motor Trend vehicle rubber floor mats are designed for use in any kind of weather. It’s 100% odorless rubber material and designed to be tough and flexible. It’s easy to clean and is perfect for your car or SUV. The all-trim pattern ensures that any sort of spill or dirt is contained within the mat itself.

Motor Trend FlexTough Advanced Performance Rubber Floor Mats

These all weather rubber car floor m are available in gray, beige and black.

Amazon Customer Rating 4.3 out of 5 Stars.

6. OxGord 4pc Rubber Floor Mats Universal Fit – Brick Style

These OxGord custom vehicle floor mats will work in your car, SUV, van or truck. It’s a brick style design and has heavy duty ridges and divots. So this mat definitely helps to trap whatever mud, snow or sand that might be on your shoes. It’s also waterproof and stain resistant and built to last.

OxGord 4pc Rubber Floor Mats Universal Fit

While the mats are designed to fit most vehicles, you can always use a scissors to trim and customize them if you need a more exact fit. It’s made from high quality rubber and cleaning is a breeze. To clean these car floor mats, you can spray them with a hose or use a washcloth to wipe and remove any dirt, mud or grime they collected.

The measurements for these vehicle floor mats are: Front 17.7 inches wide and 28.35 inches long and the rear mats are 17.7 inches wide and 17.5 inches long. These mats are easy to clean, durable and provide value for money and they are also available in beige, black and gray.

Amazon Customer Rating 4.1 out of 5 Stars.

7. AmazonBasics 4 Piece Heavy Duty Car Floor Mat

The AmazonBasics vehicle floor mats come in a 4-piece set as well. So it caters for both the front and back of the vehicle. These rubber floor mats are heavy duty as well and they are made from thick and flexible rubber that can bend easily. The ridges and deep grooves ensures that the dirt and other debris are contained within the mat.

AmazonBasics 4 Piece Heavy Duty car mat

These mats are non-skid, so it won’t slip and slide around the floor of your vehicle. You can easily clean these mats with water and you can also trim them if you need a more customized fit in your vehicle. The front mats measure 19 x 31 inches and the rear mats measure 16.1 x 17.7 inches. AmazonBasics vehicle floor mats are backed by a one year warranty and they are available in beige, black and gray.

Amazon Customer Rating 4.2 out of 5 Stars.

8. OxGord 4pc Full Set Universal Carpet Floor Mats

Apart from the rubber floor mats, OxGord also provides universal carper floor mats. These mats come in four (4) pieces and they are available in six different colors including animal print. It’s universal design means you can use these mats in your car, SUV, van or truck.

OxGord 4pc Full Set Universal Carpet mats for cars

Even though they are carpet floor mats, they will protect the front and rear of your vehicles’s floor from mud, water, snow or whatever other element. These floor mats are made from the highest quality carpet and they are built to last. They are weather and stain-resistant quality ensured mats that they will look new for years to come.

Despite the fact that they are carpet, they are also easy to clean. All you need to do is water to wash away any dirt, mud, etc. Amazon customer rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Custom Vehicle Floor Mats: Editor’s Recommendation

When it comes to choosing custom vehicle floor mats for your vehicle, these are all great choices. Of course you want to consider the materials and it’s ability to trap dirt and moisture, as well as the service life it offers. You also want to avoid mats that are brittle and made from mediocre materials, since you want it to last for some time to come. Another key factor is selecting a vehicle floor mat that is easy to clean and maintain.

The majority, if not all of the selections we’ve presented to you, fit the above criteria. Making your final choice may be influenced by your color preference and budget. So a wise move would be to make a decision on how much you may want to spend on these mats, then choose your preferred mat within that budget. Our choices are definitely within budget and will definitely improve the interior look of your vehicle.

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  1. Hi Mathew,

    Nice post highlighting the importance of car mats. 

    I really like to keep my car clean and tidy. It gives me a sense of pride and added pleasure to drive my car. But with kids, this becomes a really hard task to maintain the right level of cleanliness. 

    But this is where car mats come to the rescue. I have been thinking for a while to replace my current car mats as they are much old now. I think the BDK Proliner Heavy Duty Rubber Auto Floor Mats will suit me the best.

    Thanks for this informative post.


    1. Hey, Nick
      You’re most welcome and the BDK Proliner is a great choice. The vehicle floor mats really help to make the interior of your car look good. Admittedly, it can be a challenge with kids, but even that shows how much these mats are really needed to help prevent any kind of spillage or dirt from getting ingrained in the floor of your vehicle. You definitely don’t want to take the risk of having any sort of harmful microorganisms flourishing in your vehicle, that’s for sure. Especially, if you have kids.

  2. gartensgalleryPlus

    You are absolutely right a clean carpet is necessary for good trade-in value. as well as clean car seats. I have even thought about buying them for my car. I have extra carpets pads down now. I was unaware of these brands. The comparison is essential. My biggest things when choosing something like this is Coverage and price. You’ve covered some really good ones here.

    1. These are some really good brands and they are popular with Amazon customers. Having the right knowledge is important before making a decision about purchasing something, even if it’s a simple thing like a custom vehicle floor mat. That way, you save yourself buyer’s remorse. LOL.

  3. This is a great post and surely I love this information. Of a truth, everything in our lives have become a matter of what we want and how does it fill into our fashion dress sense. Getting the right vehicle floor mat would tell a lot on our tastes and fashion designs. Very good one and I fancy this a lot. Thumbs up

    1. When it comes to taste and fashion we all have different ideas as to what we like or don’t like. Sometimes, depending on the situation we may have to sacrifice a bit of fashion for sensibility. Then again, sometimes we can actually get both at a reasonable price. These vehicle floor mats we’ve shared, definitely fits the criteria for fashion and price.

  4. What to say? Car Floor Mats are very important pieces of the overall car equipment. Keeping your car clean and having a safe place under your pedals is important for a safe drive and pleasant car usage. 

    I would definitely go for rubber Mats. Some very luxurious cars have also Carpet Mats, but I think the majority of drivers use rubber once. I guess.
    Thanks for your great info and choices shown in it. 

    Best regards,

    1. Yes, some luxury cars do have carpet mats, as they complete the look. I’ve had both, but I do love the carpet mats as well. It’s definitely not a problem for me to keep it clean. A quick vacuum when necessary and that’s all that’s needed. The key to using any custom vehicle floor mat is make sure that it stays put, when you place them inside your vehicle. You definitely don;t want it riding up under any of your pedals. The rubber mats are easier to clean, s in terms of maintenance, a quick shakeout works well.

  5. Since i bought my first Car in 2010 i never kept the originals floor, i always buy a floor mats. They’re very important, and they can protect your original floor mat and like the kind you’re sharing with us you can take off the dirt very easily. I Really appreciate those ones i will try them and share my experience with my friends.

    1. Hey, I look forward to hearing from you with reference to which one you tried. Rubber floor mats are easier to clean as you can simply shake them off. Even so, carpet mats look good too, but it’s recommended that they be cleaned regularly as well. I think it’s better to clean carpet floor mats with a vacuum (if you have one), to avoid exposing yourself to any kind of dust that may be on the mat. In addition to which, a vacuum would help you clean it easily and swiftly.

  6. Hi Matthew. You’re so so right… Floor mats are a very necessary part of a vehicle and for me it is just as important. It will do some protection just as you have said earlier, it will make cleaning of the vehicle floor less difficult because these floor mats will accommodate the dirt instead of the car floor to accommodate them, since the floor mats are easily removable, they can be removed and cleaned easily. I love your collection of the best. Nice

    1. Definitely! It’s a great way to protect the floor of your car from dirt, snow, rain or even spills. We suggested some of the best and affordable custom vehicle floor mats currently on the market. If we had to recommend one in particular it’s definitely the Amor All. But of course we respect the views and taste of our readers, so it’s nice to see that you appreciate out selection.

  7. The floor mats in my father’s car are my friends, lol! I don’t think a car without floor mats will make sense, just like you have well said, it will look naked to me. Although I don’t really know much about floor mats, I know we have them in our car. And they play important roles in keeping the car clean.

    I learnt so much from this article.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey, we’re happy to share our knowledge on the subject with you. Custom vehicle floor mats compliments and completes the look in any car. It makes no sense selecting a cheap and inferior car floor mat. I’ve seen some of those and the wear and tear on them and they do not look pretty. LOL. So if ever you have to invest in one of these, as with anything else, it makes sense to get yourself a quality car floor mat that would last a long time to come.

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